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Thursday 20 March 2014

elf Makeup Haul! Wooot makeup!!!

So back in December I bought from ELF when they had their 50% off on all items. And I received everything in January and keep on forgetting to do a haul post for it. XD I kind of ordered a LOT since I was in need of so many things anyway. I was in a desperate eyeliner, foundation, concealer shortage, so it was super awesome that ELF (who is a super inexpensive drugstore brand) to decide to be even cheaper.

Everything came in a huge box and in a ELF transparent bag.

Yup, I needed eyeliner and really wanted to try out some gel/cream eyeliner. So I kind of order a lot, most in black but also brown, blue and plum.

I also ordered a eyeliner brush as a spare. It was $1 or cheaper. I mean you can't beat that!

Foundation, foundation! I was so in need of them. Normal drugstore foundation costs about $8+ but ELF have inexpensive ones and with the 50% off they were so worth it!

Since it is my first time trying ELF, I got to different type of foundations just to try them out.

Annnd! Concealers! Man, I swear concealers are soooo damn expensive in any drugstore here. They are the same or more expensive than foundation and they never go on sale. So I knew immediately that I need to buy some concealers from ELF and I did! AHAHAHA! I bought like almost every different type of concealer they offered.

I have powder left at home but I wanted to try this. It was expensive anyway.

Liquid eyeliners!!! My most essential makeup product! Sooo I kind of got a lot! Liquid eyeliner at its cheapest here costs at least $3 but most costs $6 even on sale. I believe I bought these for $1 each or less. SCORE!!

I don't usually use pencil eyeliner but you never know when you need it ;) This was a bit more expensive compared to the above liquid eyeliner, but I saw this had good reviews on the site.

And lastly, lol, more liquid eyeliner. These were more expensive than the other liquid eyeliner, but they are supposedly "waterproof". We will see about that. Plus, they came in great colors. I got Hunter Green and Teal. Wooooo~ Teal!

So that was definitely worth it even it had a bit of a shipping cost. I think the total came up around $40-45-ish? And I had a scare with the shipping. Even with the holiday, the estimated shipping was a week or two since it shipped from the US. But my tracking # couldn't be found for a week or more. But in the end, it came! Phew!

Oh yeah, for those Canadians who are wondering if I needed to pay custom fees or stuff like it was stated on the site, I didn't get charged but I'm not sure if it was a holiday thing where mailmen are too busy? LOL I don't know. I did find another haul from a Toronto blogger that didn't need to pay the fees as well.
Update April 2014: My friend who also purchased from them didn't had to pay any extra fees.

Anyway, so that basically concludes my makeup haul. I will definitely try all these products and see if they are good. I really hope so because they are inexpensive. (I did start using the brown cream eyeliner and it is so smooth and nice, especially for its price! I can't wait to try more.)

Have you guys tried ELF before? Do you like them?


  1. You are set for life. Or at least for the year. :P (foundation pun in there)
    And AHHHH you're making me want to buy them too!!!!!

  2. LOLOLOL!!!! I'll definitely set for 3-5 years. And I'm such a bad influence~~ I wonder what are the brands in Asia and Australia :3

  3. Woo. Crazy haul!


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