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Thursday, 27 March 2014

3 Months Worth of Haul: Forever 21, Wigs, Circle Lenses, Lashes and More

Last week I did my elf makeup haul (which I order last Dec), and I think people liked it (I hope they did because I love reading haul posts and I thought I sum up the stuff I got in the mail ever since January! YES JANUARY!)
School is stressing me out so I shop.
Anyway, LET'S START!

Bought from Forever 21.
This Month's Forever 21 haul :3 ahahha. They had a over $25 free shipping thing so my sister wanted to order.

I forgot the names of what I bought, but if you are interested in the item, I'm sure I can search it up for you ^_____~

I haven't taken any clothes selfies before so I don't know if I should start O-v.

The style of this is.....um.....I don't really like how big the leg holes are.

The detailing is cute.

Bought a few months back with their other $25 free shipping event. All the ladies in the family needed camis so we bought them. :P

$25 worth of camis! AHAHAHAHA

Bought from Ebay

The case was bent but most lashes come like that but it doesn't affect anything so I don't mind.

Bought it from dragonfly2018, forgot which # XD

Bought it from here
Wore the bottom lashes here. I need to practice more ;v;
Lenses from Klenspop, Magic Eye Easel Brown, review in progress.
Wig: bought from cgtstore.

More lashes~ I'm obsessed. 
Forgot who I bought it from ;v;

I bought red hat and suspender for a cosplay but then it turned out the hat was bigger than I imagined so probably will wear it as a regular hat XD
Suspenders bought from here
And hat from here.

The suspenders are awesome. :3 How come I never incorporated them into my wardrobe?!

Hat worn here.
Lenses from Klenspop, Magic Eye Easel Brown, review up soon.
Wig: bought from cgtstore.
 More wigs laa~ From cgtstore

Wig worn here and in precious selfies lol. I chose to buy this one because I liked the longer length.
Lenses from Klenspop, Magic Eye Easel Brown, stay tune for review~

I actually haven't worn this wig so I don't have any selfies XD

I swear I rarely win but from January to now, I've won two circle lenses giveaways~ Wow! 

Won from Loveshoppingholics on Facebook. I got to chose any lenses from the site and I chose Vassen Butterfly Green since I wanted to try the series and I always loved green.


Won from PinkyParadise. I honestly didn't expect this much!!! PP is the best and always surprises me! I chose Vassen Sumie Violet aka Vassen Cloud Nine Violet or Beuberry Cherry Violet or Fynale J14 Violet and probably other names.

I swear I wanted to try this series ever since I got into circle lenses but never had the chance to buy and such. So I'm soooo happy I was able to pick it! I chose violet because violet doesn't normally shows up with circle lenses and I know this series is BOLD so I chose violet.

Adorable pen!

Cute mirror! I needed one so eeeee~ super happy!


One of the most amazing thing for thick hair girls :3

I think this is a hippo? ahahha

Once again, BeautyLenses had shown continuous support~ ^________^ Just got them a day ago. I picked Gram Eye Luna Green.

Expect a review in April~

Anyway, it is 1:30 am now, I'm gonna go.



  2. ( ◐ω◐ )

    though I need to make the hat a bit smaller, shouldn't be hard..................................I SERIOUSLY HOPE. lol

  3. AnnabelleMarieV29 March 2014 at 17:37

    Please stop to be so cute, it is not good for my heart o_o

  4. >////3////< ilyy~~~ <3 you are waaaay cuterrr~


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