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Friday 7 March 2014

Review: GEO GRANG GRANG Big Choco from Klenspop

Ahh~ Finally I'm back with another post! The past few weeks had been...........hell. TT^TT
Anyway, I'm back with another circle lenses review~~ Weee~ This is my first pair of BROWN lenses. they are the famous GEO Grang Grang Big Choco! Klenspop was very kind to sponsor them~ <3

EEEEEEE~~~ <333

When I saw the box, AHHHHHH~ I squealed! 看到包裹发狂了~~



These lenses not only make your eyes look HUGE but they make them soooo shiny (you will see what I mean when more photos to come)!! Not THAT opaque in flash. See Enlargement for more detail.
好大好大好大!!再说眼睛好水淋淋哦~ 哇~~

Very simplistic and realistic. The design and colour looked very natural. There was a bit of a blend which was nice. :) 很简单。


MY GOD!!! These are HUGEE!! I knew they were big from reviews but WOOOWW!! 超大!!

These lenses were so big that you can see my sclera (lol blame my small iris). But maybe if the lenses were more opaque, my sclera won't show up. But oh yeah, I should mention that this only happened in flash, as you can see before in the no flash photo, the lenses were completely black-black. In flash, it looked like a rim of gray that looked cool~ ^_____^ Either way, I love it!

Yes, 10 out of 5 :P

A pain to put in but they were very comfy for something THIS big! Wore them for 6 hours and didn't really have any problem. 没大的问题。带了6小时。

Oh yeah, small "problem-not-really-a-problem-just-stating-something". I've read my reviews before that these lenses have a little letter on them (yellow circle in my image). And it is true. I mean, it doesn't matter to me, but if it bothers you....well...too bad? LOL
Also, these lenses ARE SUPER THIN!! They were a pain to put in because they like to stick to my fingers like super glue (okay, I'm exaggerating a bit but these were the most difficult lenses to put in). So I wouldn't recommend this pair for a first time contact lens wearer. 好薄的lens。啊哈哈,太难带了。眼睛戳死了。。。OTL。

Full marks! Really due to the fact that these were GIAGANTIC! Love it! 超爱大的lens! ^___^)b

Oh yeah, ummm...not very good with videos but I tried my best to make one.

Klenspop focuses on the colours such as black and brown. Also, the lenses are all very natural looking. They are a bit lacking in the other options, for example there's only 1 style of green lenses up on their site right now.
Black and brown are what's popular in Korea and if you are looking for black or brown lenses, they are a good place to look. If you are looking for Cosplay lenses, they won't be the best, but you can always look. ;)

I'm not sure when exactly Klenspop sent the lenses but the last email I got from them was on Jan 10th and I received it Feb 10th. Knowing that shipping around New Year is crazy, it wasn't too bad. :)

updated photos~ 

Please check out my for me wearing the lenses (aka selfiessss) Facebook album (65 Photos). 还有跟多照片哦 ^___~


  1. Nice review! I like the size of this circle lenses ^-^

  2. Me too~~ <3 They are seriously the biggest lenses I've tried and I honestly don't know how I can live without them. :) And thank you for stopping by~~ <333


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