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Monday, 21 April 2014

Circle Lenses Review: Magic Eye Easel Brown from Klenspop

The long awaited review!! My god, I wanted to review this MONTHS ago. I'm sorry that this was postponed until now.

The wonderful klenspop sponsored me with this. They let me choose and I chose Magic Eye Easel Brown. I was attracted by the gold colouring and it was so beautiful ;v;

When I first worn it, I wasn't sure I was going to like the colour but then OMG IT TOTALLY GREW ON ME. It looked soooo good in photography! The colour is a rich golden brown in flash.  With no flash, it is a milk chocolate brown. As for vibrancy, it is bright! You wouldn't be seeing my natural brown with these.

The thick limbal ring help enlarge my small eyes. ^^' I really like how the limbal ring wasn't black. It was a natural brown that is like the colour of my natural eyes.
The design of the lenses is BEAUTIFUL. It has a swirl, petal design that looks verrryyy interesting in photos.

Being a 14.5mm lens, this actually was VERY enlarging. Normally a 14.5mm lens won't do much for me but this really was cute. Maybe it was the thick, yet natural limbal ring. It just blended so well with my natural eye colour.

I had no problem at all wearing this. I'm pretty I wore it up to 8 hours without any eye drops.

Honestly, this lens became my favourite pair. Absolutely wonderful! I highly suggest it! :D

For pictures of the lenses on me (aka selfies), visit my magic eye easel brown album on my facebook page.

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