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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Circle Lenses Review: Xie Brown and Xie Black from Klenspop

I'm back~ How's everyone going? I started work this term with coop and I'm soooo happy~~ People are sooo nice at my workplace and the tasks are very fulfilling. Anyway, let's start on the review. Klenspop decided to sponsor me with 3 pairs of lenses this time! Wowww! Thank you soooooo much! They let me chose one pair from the list and gave me 2 pairs that are required to review. I chose Cara Violet (review coming soon) and the two below, Xie Brown and Xie Black were required.
Modelled on the site, Xie Brown
Modelled on the site, Xie Black

Diameter: 14.0mm. Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm. Base Curve: 8.6. Water Content: 38%. Disposable: 1 year

Comfort (3/5)
These were okay. They don't "disappear" in my eyes (aka "I know that I have contacts in my eyes" feeling). I worn them for about 2 hours and they didn't dry up on me. I know 2 hours isn't a lot but I had to review some other lenses.

Colour/Vibrancy/Design (1/5)
I barely notice any difference with my eyes in terms of colour change, partially because of the design, and partially because of the colour itself. The design of these lenses are that they only have colour at the outer edge. The majority of the lenses is clear. I can barely count them as circle lenses. If you really, really, really zoom in on the pictures, you can see the ripples around the lenses.

Enlargement. (1/5)
These are.............................laughable. When I put them on, I honestly thought they looked like my normal eyes. It did not enlarge whatsoever. Okay, sure, from the zoomed in pictures, you noticed they did in fact are larger than my pupils but it is not noticeable when I zoom out. I am sure there are people out there that have larger pupil than these lenses. I honestly dislike these lenses because I am basically putting things in my eyes and not changing anything. If you read my reviews before, I LOOOOOVE lenses that are dolly, that's because my eyes are sooooo small. :( These lenses are just a no-no for me.

In general, these lenses are NOT for me. I didn't like them at all. If you are going for the ultra natural look, give it a try.

Picture Time!
I worn the brown on one eye, the black on the other.


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