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Monday, 2 February 2015

Circle Lenses Review: Cara Violet from Klenspop

Welcome back! My blogger just crashed and I lost my post ;3;) ugh, even when I saved it as a draft. BOOOO. Anyway, I am here to review Cara Violet. These lense were sent by Klenspop for an honest review.
Comfort (3/5)
These were very comfy. It didn't even feel like I had lenses in. However, I only worn them for 3 hours so I can't really say how long they last. I think they are on the thicker side, which is a pro for me (lol easier to put in).

 Colour/Vibrancy (1.5/5)
These didn't look like the modelled picture on the site. They are almost black in real life. Even in flash, the purple barely peeks through.

Design (3/5)
Nothing unique. They have a thick band around the lenses and the pupil hole is a decent size. They reminded me of GEO Angel Violet (<---my OLD OLD OLD review, gosh I look sooooooooo ugly). Unlike the GEO Angel Violet, who had a more floral design, Cara Violet has more of starburst design.

Enlargement (3/5)
For a 14mm, wow! These are very dolly. Due to the thick thimbus ring around the lenses, it gives a decent enlargement.

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