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Saturday, 10 January 2015

My 1st Taobao Haul (Using Taobaoring) + Item Review

I ordered this haul with my friends last year? I finally decided to post this. Ooops. In total it costed about $200. I bought it using Taobaoring, you can see my review here. I think in total, it wasn't THAT worth it. Sure, you are getting it from the source but honestly paying the items' price in shipping hurts D:

Sorry I don't have picture of me wearing some of them because I actually never wore them.

Taobao haul! 

(Only feature what I ordered not the whole group's)

The cape was excellent quality, but the belt/pelt thing had bad stitching.
Honestly, this was horrible. Buckles were held together by staplers!!! Some of them fell off immediately.

Not available from the seller any more
This jacket was AMAZING!! Too bad I bought 1 or 2 sizes too large. D: For 120 yuan....maybe it wasn't completely worth it.

Never worn this but it was pretty full.
This scarf was very good quality. There wasn't any thread loose.

If you want to see my mikasa costest before I purchased all the items above, click here: Mikasa Costest! I styled my REAL hair, and used my mom's hand knitted red scarf.

This costume was THIN. It wasn't see-through but definitely not standard jacket and clothes material. Perfect for end of summer weather. The price??? COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!! If you are in China and didn't have to pay international shipping fee or agent fee, you can buy this for ~$15CAD!!!!! INSANE!!! I am sooooooooo jealous of people in China!! Like seriously, shipping fee is more expensive!!

Custom Made

3 boxes. MY FAVOURITE EVERRRR!! I am considering making a review on this lash glue because it is inexpensive and amazing!!!

Bottom lashes (image below), and glue (image above) used.
3 boxes. Lower lashes are hella expensive. I think this was worth it. I still need practice putting them on though.

So what do you think?
Will you buy from Taobao?
Do you think it is worth it?
Which item was your favourite?


  1. hey, thanks for the post :D i'll be ordering SnK stuff from taobao pretty soon too, and now i know i probably should try to find a better seller for the belts of the costume ^-^


  2. Ahhh!! Thank you! To be honest I don't think my post was very detailed and helpful but I'm glad I could've helped!! Good luck shopping! If you have any question, feel free to ask. :)


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