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Friday, 25 April 2014

Taobaoring Review, A Taobao Agent. All the Pros and Cons.

Months back (I think back in November or so) my friends on Facebook decided to do a Taobao group order. And finally we got our package (not because of TBR's faults, but because I'm cheap ;3)

My friend decided on using Taobaoring. So this is my Taobaoring review. :3

Pros of Taobaoring

  • I think what stood out from the whole experience was how VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY patient the agents were. There were a lot of miscommunications on our side because it was a group order and it was a big ong. Taobaoring handled all the confusion and all the mishaps so well. They were very patient and understanding. They let us know if there were anything wrong with our order, if we were missing any info. Honestly, if I was on their end, I would've totally quit on the order lolol (seriously, we were a pain to deal with). This is why I think Taobaoring really has amazing service.
  • Second, they have a shipping method most agents don't offer: SEA (surface) shipping (for the cheapos). SEA shipping takes MONTHS. On Taobaoring's website, under Tracking Skills, there is an approx time for each international shipping method. It says on the site that it takes 2- 3 months, but worst can get up to 4+ months. Since we ordered right around the Chinese New Year, I knew this was gonna be bad >~<), but my school doesn't end until April, I didn't mind waiting months for the package. Our order' shipping took 74 days, which was worst than average but expected.  So you can say Taobaoring is the cheapest agent out there if you don't mind waiting.
  • Proficient English (aka easy communication). I talked to a couple of the agents and their English skills were all excellent! There was no me trying to squint and decipher their English. ;P So there was no hair pulling or wrinkles forming. ;)
  • Prompt email responses. They would always reply almost immediately when the agent and I are both online. The timezone difference is not really a problem because I stay up late. :3

Cons of Taobaoring

  • The biggest thing that bugs me about Taobaoring is....The hidden domestic fees. A lot of times Taobao's domestic fees are either free or 10 yuan (from what I want to buy). Taobaoring has the rule of costing (in yuan) 15 + 10N (this means 15 yuan for the 1st kg and 10 yuan for each additional kg). Taobaoring claims the average domestic shipping fee is 15 yuan but I'm sorry I don't see that and I really don't like how each additional kg costs as well. This really sucked when we ordered from different taobao sellers. Each seller will apply the 15 + 10N rule (which we didn't know). So our order was more expensive than expected.
  • Disabled Skype and QQ (no instant chat). You know how I love instant messaging and chats. I think it is fast and convenient. When I first contacted TBR, it was over their Skype function on their front page. When I waited days for them to come on, I decided to email them. They notified me that they disabled Skype for the time being. I just think it is a waste. TBR would probably more efficient with instant messaging. I mean to me, emails are pretty annoying. :P

[Since my friend ordered, so I can't give my say on the ordering process and the communication on her end. I do know that creating an order list is simple but that's about it.]


Will I use Taobaoring again? I honestly don't know. I've heard Pruany is the cheapest agent but they don't offer SEA shipping. Pruany is cheaper when we compare the other shipping such as SAL, EMS, AIR etc. And they don't seem to have hidden fees. But Pruany's website isn't as easy to navigate and their way of communication is worst than Taobaoring. (I tried to communicate with them with the online chat service and the agent never replied and kept on going offline and online again. When I email them, they misunderstood me and I couldn't directly reply their emails.) So I don't know if using Pruany next time will be a good experience.

Edit: My Pruany review is up! And check out how they failed. >_>

I wish I could provide a timeline of the journey but since I don't know what exact date we ordered, it is hard to give a timeline. Sorry >~<

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any question, leave me a comment and I'll try my best to provide an answer. :) And if you have agent recommendation, please let me know. :)

(I might have more to say, so check back for updates.)

PS: I will show you my haul next time. I'm too lazy. :P But I did post some updates on my Facebook page, Adventure with Ashley.


  1. Nice post. Congrates to get your products from taobao. it is not easy for every person. Taobao agents help to get our favorite things from there. There are also other methods like ebook for buying from taobao without agents which help us to buy from taobao without agents.

  2. hey
    Thx you share
    i am always used taobao agent,Do you know zarmark.com?
    maybe you can used it.because it is support paypal and used the skype

  3. Oh, I haven't heard of them before. Thanks for letting me know. I'll check them out.

  4. Thank you! I'll be checking them out. :D

  5. sssjohnthomous30 July 2014 at 06:41

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  6. Hi thanks for the review! I also used Taobaoring for my previous orders but I've only used airmail or EMS, and now I am considering SEA shipping for my next order. Just a quick question, did you need to go to the port or somewhere else to pick up the parcel for SEA shipping? Or did Canada Post deliver it right to your house?

  7. Hi Louise, Canada Post delivered it to my house. :)

  8. Did Taobaoring provide a tracking number for your parcel for SEA shipping? I just like to be able to track my parcel to see what is happening to it.

  9. Ah yes, they did :D I looooove tracking my parcels! It is my drugs. Sorry, I wasn't clear about it in the post.

  10. Hi guys, did you ever check before buywithagents.com? I'm planing to shop from taobao but only one I know is yoybuy and buywithagents. Are they safe?

  11. Hi Matty, I think both are safe. I know people on my Twitter that have used Yoybuy. But personally I think their shipping is HELLA EXPENSIVE. D:

  12. I must say that alot of agents are very serious but their income are huge. I worked until now with Taobaoring , yoybuy , ibuygle , agencytaobao , TaobaoSpree .. Everything was relative ok but must of them can`t verify the quality of products. Just buy and send. I want to make another order again on Taobao, and I found a agent called Xiu Li based in Beijing. He have fixed fees and dont take shipping taxes. I saw on his website http://taobao.shopmania.biz/ , the truth about Taobao, how the things work there, and how much money earn in reality the taobao agents. The question is , why people still pay alot of money ( shipping taxes, agent fees ) and not work just with honest agents?


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