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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Circle Lenses Review: Glam Eye Luna Green from Beauty Lenses

Sorry for the late late late review!!! School got in the way so I had to push all my review back. In the end, everything got pushed back months! I'm so very sorry!

Once again Beauty Lenses was super nice to continue to sponsor me. I chose Glam Eye Luna Green this time because the modelled images where beautiful!

Modelled lenses on the website
Brand: [ Glam Eye ] Luna
Glam Eye is Pinkage's New store selling Lenses. KPOPTOWN collaboration with glam eye
Menufacturer : Glam Eye
Diameter: 14.5mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Disposable:  up to 1 Year (depends on frequency of use & care). 

Country of origin: South Korea.


  • Sorry but these were not like the pictures on the website. This is the first time after multiple encounter did the modelled picture on the website fail me.
  • The colour was not vibrant! It kind of glowed like the EOS Bubble Series, where there's almost a filmy gloss and no define features. I really don't like this look because it makes your eyes look dead with no flash and scary with flash. You can see below how it kind of gloss over the eyes.
  • The colour wasn't the rich grass green like the website but a fresh cucumber green.
  • See "design" section photo to see the lenses in different lightings.
  • Notice in my "flash" photo, how it seemed like a large amount of my pupil is still showing? That wasn't like the modelled picture on the site. There was suppose to be colours (yellow) but I can hardly see any. So it kind of just look like a pair of circle lenses with a green limbal ring. Kind of weird don't you think? :/ Not pigmented enough but too reflective?
  • I guess you can say that it makes your eyes shiny. And perhaps this is the only reason why I didn't give it a 1 out of 5.
What I find kind of intriguing was that in some photos, it kind of looked more like the modelled lenses. You can see a bit of the yellow and less of my natural pupil. Maybe it's the flash or angle or other factors. I don't think I've ever encountered such a changing pair of lenses. Have you?

Design:The design seemed to almost reflect a natural lenses' style with the multiple tones and no limbal ring but perhaps something went wrong and it kind of reflected WAY more light than it supposed to.

  • Because it had a natural lenses style, it didn't enlarge my eyes.
  • It has beautiful striations and a mix of fresh cucumber green and crisp yellow but the colours and design seemed to be lost in photos. It's a shame. :(


I didn't have a problem with these lenses. They were the perfect thickness, not to thin or too thick. I wore them for hours without itching. :)


For a natural design and a 14.5mm, I didn't expect much but I really felt these barely did any enlargement. You can see in the "design" photo, the green was a bit larger than my normal pupil but not much.
  • Like I said in the "Design" selection, with no limbal ring, it was really hard to make my eyes appear bigger.


If you are look for a pair of lenses that look kind of "snake-y" and glossy/shiny, with no enlargement, I think this is for you.
This was just not what I was hoping for. Sorry.

For more images, please visit my Glam Eye Luna Green Album on my Facebook page, Adventure With Ashley.

What do you guys think? Is this style your thing?

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