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Saturday 10 May 2014

Bodyline Review and Haul (P226, L018, L187, COSTUME565, LDC050, COSTUME317)

In March, I decided to purchase from Bodyline. I debated long and hard and read through numerous reviews online about Bodyline. Since Bodyline do have mixed reviews I was sooooo afraid that I would have a bad experience. I'm going to give the whole experience of what I went through as detailed as possible. Let's start.

Before the Purchase:

I've wanted to buy from Bodyline since December of last year or January of this year because of their 2014 Lucky Bags, however, I was scared and was talked out of by my friend. And I thank my friend for it since when I now looked back to it now, I don't think I would liked what I would've received in those bags.

What I already didn't like about Bodyline before the purchase was the website. On multiple occasions it had some sort of glitch. I wouldn't be able to add items to cart or items' page won't show up. It was frustrating to deal with.

Also, the website has a bad layout and looks horrible. I wish there are options to refine what I'm looking for. What I am talking about is maybe options such as list the items from lowest price to the highest. And maybe a search bar would be helpful?

Sounds kind of rude
On the website, Bodyline warns you about many things. And maybe because of the language barrier but they sound a bit rude to me. They warn you about that if the items are lost after it shipped out of Japan, it is not their problem, and that they don't accept exchange, refund, cancellations.

Bad experiences from bloggers
There are quite a lot of bad reviews about Bodyline around the web and I was so scared that I would be one of the horrid stories.

Possible Fees
This was the biggest thing I worried about. Custom likes to charge "processing" fees that can add up to $30+. I was so scared that I would be charged since I never ordered from Japan so I don't know if I would be charged. The reviews online didn't help much because reviewers never really mentioned anything about custom fees or most of them chose EMS instead of AIR.

So all these cons really made me hesitate putting in an order. But in the end, I took a chance.

During the Purchase:

I didn't encounter any issues during purchasing. It was fast and simple. A few clicks and I was done.

Shipping of the Purchase:

I had a scare when my tracking number came in.
In the email it said:

"Package Tracking NO:
EMS(JP) Shipping"

EMS?! I didn't pick EMS. This horrified me since EMS means fees upon delivery. I know that custom likes to charge around $20 to go through their damn ass "process" and other random fees here and there that in the end can add up to $30+ worth of fees. -______- I was so scared that I was going to be charged for these unnecessary fees.
I frantically googled to see if similar things happened to others and I did came upon bloggers who received similar email. Good thing was that they said the format of the tracking number was AIR. But I wanted to make sure so I emailed Bodyline to ask what was going on.
They replied that day saying that it was just an email error, and my package was sent by AIR. PHEEWWW!

Another "scared" I had was with the packages. Bodyline said that order over the weight of 1.8kg will be split up into different shipping packages. But when I received the email I only got one tracking number. I knew my order was over 1.8kg. I was scared that they send it via a big package. Big packages are easily charged when going through customs. >____< Booo! When I emailed Bodyline, they replied:

if have 2 tracking number= 2 packages.
if 1 tracking number=1package

uh oh.

BUT thankfully I went to Bodyline's tracking page and entered my email and BOOM! There was more than one tracking number. PHEWW!! Second major sigh of relief!! Thank goodness that was the end of all the bad things.


First Order:
Purchased Date: March 16th
Shipped out March 20th
Arrived: April 4th
Shipping time: 19 days
Total time: 23 days

*Second order:
Purchased date: March 17/8 (I forgot which date)
Shipped out: March 22nd
Arrived: April 4th
Shipping time: 17 days
Total time: ~21 days

*After my order, I decided to buy another skirt even before my first order arrived. Omg I just love living life on the edge and on the boundaries of unknown.

After Arrival of the Purchase:

Everything came beautifully! Actually I didn't see the packages arrive nor was I even the first one who opened it!!

My mom actually opened everything before I got home. MOOOOMMM! :P She always bugs me about buying unless stuff online but she's always the first one who gets excited over them. She's adorable!

And I'll suddenly transition to my haul since that is "after arrival of the purchase" right? :D

For my full order photos check out my Bodyline Haul and Review album on my Adventure with Ashley page.

Mom eagerly already opened my package :P



Cheap lace

Zipper :3


Looks very cheap, and it is thin.


Thin and cheap looking. Costume565

The buttons are not the best.

Very flimsy


Thick :D Yay!

---> Quality: <---

This is probably the most important (or second most important) thing you want to learn from this review.

As you can tell from the pictures above, the lace, and the details aren't not top-notch. Buttons are flimsy and have threads all over. Material thin-ish. It is definitely not thick but it is not blow-in-the-wind thin.

The lolita pieces were good, and I will purchase again but the "costumes" pieces were crap.

MODEL TIME (lol jk)

For all worn photos check out my Bodyline Haul and Review album on my Adventure with Ashley page.

Actually the shirt was too small....lol so I only wore the skirt. I was too lazy to mess with the bows.
Front view! I have sideviews and other views in my album.
Wearing it underneath my jacket....<3

Photo of the clothes falling naturally can be seen in my album. Lol I'm too fat...there is the gap between the buttons ;3; You can see this piece is very thin and cheap looking TvT
Front view can be seen in my album.
Other views in my album. As you can tell from the tag I wore this immediately when I received the package :3
Oh yeah as for the sports uniform super short shorts, I didn't show images of it because I need to build up confidence to wear it in photos and publish it online. XD
(PS: Noticed how I got lazy to edit the backgrounds? sorry ;P)

I hope that was a bit helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll try my best to answer them!


  1. Hello~ What color way did you get the military sweets skirt in? I can't tell which it is and I've wanted to get it x3

  2. Whoops, I was thinking of a different pattern
    I meant the red skirt c:

  3. I got it in "dpik" :D Sorry, I should've mentioned it.

  4. Thanks! I've been wanting to get it but they only have it in "dpik" >n<
    So at least I know what it looks like~


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