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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Circle Lenses Review: [ Glam Eye ] Sunny Blue from Beauty Lenses

Yay! Woot! I'm back with another circle lenses review :3 Once again, Beauty Lenses is kind enough to send me some to review. I've wanted to review Glam Eye Sunny Blue for a while and finally they are available! 

Model Picture on Beauty Lenses

Manufacturer : Glam Eye

Diameter: 14.2mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Disposable:  up to 1 Year (depends on frequency of use & care). 

Country of origin: South Korea. 

I never have trouble with circle lenses so these were super comfy as well. :) I wore them for 6-8 hours and had no problem at all. 

AMAAZZINNNG!!! OMG THESE ARE SOOO INTENSE!!! If you want the same intensity as the EOS Dolly Eye series, you can try this. But like the EOS Dolly Eye series, I have one small problem with these (see Design section for the issue). Now back to the colour/vibrancy topic...
  • These lenses give a beautiful icy blue that can chills you to your bone. I find that this colour can work very well with smoky, sexy makeup. The colour is also very "natural", the mix between grey, blue and brown makes it the most natural out of the intense circle lenses field.
  • One reason I love Beauty Lenses is that their website have modelled pictures of the lenses and they are sooooo accurate! If they are bright online, they are bright when you wear it as well. A lot of the other sites have crazy photoshop but what you see on Beauty Lenses is what you will get.
This is what Beauty Lenses' model wearing the lenses.

One reason why these lenses reminded me of the EOS Dolly Eye Series was because of the small diameter. These lenses were definitely not your enlarging type. Being only a 14.2 mm lens, I think they did a good job. You won't achieve a dolly look but you can definitely go for a sexy look. ;)

One of the reasons I chose this pair was the design. I saw online that the lenses had a very cool design so I chose it.
This was the one I saw.
I really do like the design. It  has a ring of spots that's different from the other lenses. But one problem I have with this series and the EOS Dolly Eye series (and well any series with small pupil hole) is that they can make you look very unnatural. In photos, my eyes become very "dead" like (lol I call it the "dead fish eye" look). Like below, I look like I'm just looking through you. The lenses just....seems to have no dimension because of the small pupil hole. I guess if you are going for the creepy-I-stare-at-you look, these will be great.

LOL I'm sorry! I really like these lenses. :P I just not a fan of small pupil holes.

So overall, I think these lenses are great! I definitely will wear more of it. Though not perfect, the amazing colour will make me give this a...



  1. *glomps* YOU'RE CUTE THOOO~~ <3

  2. Wow! The colour of the lenses are amazing. I totally get the "dead fish eye" look, which is why I tend to get more natural design for lenses, but they're usually not that great for cosplay/indoor at cons etc.

    Thanks for the review, I'll look up that brand. It's my first time hearing about them :)

  3. Eeee~~ Thank you for stopping by~~ :D They are soooo bright! I was pleasantly surprised. Ahahaha! I'm sooo glad you got that!! LOL some of my friends were wondering why I put fishes in my post ahaha~

    I really like vibrant lenses > v < but they are hard to come by. But yes, search the brand up. I think they are pretty new. :D

  4. don't make me snort out my tea! rofl the dead fish pics

  5. ^ v ^) *pats* Just don't choke. lol

  6. hahahah you're spot on about the "dead fish" look. I giggled when you interwove the fish pictures with your modeled pics x)


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