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Monday, 17 February 2014

Circle Lenses Review: Kimchi Maki Yellow from Lens Village

Ahh~ I'm so happy! I've been looking for a pair of yellow lenses and I've found the perfect one! I've been eyeing the Kimchi Maki Yellow lenses for quite awhile because I know they are vibrant. So I was very happy to have Lens Village to sponsor this review by providing Kimchi Maki Yellow.

I was thinking of using this pair for my Ran Mao cos and my Alibaba Saluja cos. I know they are not the same shade but I think this pair is vibrant enough to do the job. ^^)b

What the model looks like with the lenses.
Actual Diameter : 15mm
Effect Diameter : 16mm
Water Content : 55%
Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50
Life Span : 1 Year 

lol my horrible eye sight.

I think my eyes have been rejecting lenses recently. Most of my lenses will sting like a bitch when I first put them in. So these were not "comfy" when I first put them on but after 1 minute of blinking they disappeared in my eyes. After the whole first encounter, everything becomes fine. I can then wear the lenses for about 6-7 hours. :)
Oh yeah, Kimchi brand are fairly thick in my opinion. That doesn't mean they are uncomfortable. I think it just aid in putting them in.

This is a 16mm lens and is by the same company (Kimchi) as my Bambi Green. You can head over to that review to see enlargement images. It's a shocker for sure! I think one of the big pluses of the Kimchi brand is their enlargement.
Though big, they won't give you a dolly effect. I think it is because of the smaller pupil and the intense colour. But it is enlarging than another series....unlike EOS Dolly Eye series, Kimchi Make Yellow had the large diameter, and therefore didn't give off a "dead" fish effect (see below). Both series had small pupil hole and are vibrant so I will continue comparing them later on.
EOS Dolly Eye Brown
Ahaha, that was a lot of blah blah but I definitely will buy more from Kimchi because of the enlargement! Ahhh~ I'm completely crazy for enlarging lenses. A small eyes girl like me needs all the help I can get! :P

WOWZER! I picked these lenses because I saw online that they were bright and I was not wrong! See the below picture, it was taken in normal room lighting! Very vibrant and noticeable!
Kimchi Maki Yellow in Room Light

EOS Dolly Eye Brown in Flash. LOL see how my makeup and review evolved in the few months? :P

I mentioned EOS Dolly Eye Brown above and I'm going to mention it again, because these two series are bright bright bright! A lot of cosplayers use the Dolly Eye Series because of the vibrancy. I totally understand but I think if someone is looking for a larger diameter and wants a crazy design, these will be better.

Well, like I said above, these are crazy! The pattern are like stars exploding. They have smaller pupil hole than normal circle lenses but they are still bigger than EOS Dolly Eye Brown. With Dolly Eye, I sometimes see the yellow because my pupil moves out of the hole but with Maki Yellow I never had that problem.
I really give this a big thumbs up for the design because it is super unique!

It took 1 month exactly to get to me. :) Considering the crazy New Year shipping, it wasn't bad.

Now for the pictures! Hopefully they will be helpful.

I hope you enjoyed that review. I'll post more photos on my Facebook page because yeah.... there are like hundreds more.

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