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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nails of the Month: Kuroko no Basuke

Hiii~ I haven't wear nail polish since foreverrr!!! Number one reason: I AM SO DAMN LAZY! Number two reason: We use acetone in the lab and that is practically nail polish remover...so no actual point in wearing nail polish. Finally summer vacation is here and I am ready to fancy up my nails. But do note I am not pro. :P

This time I went with my current obsession...

Kuroko no Basuke!!!!

First up!
I re-did this at least 3 times. First I went with a basketball and that took 2 tries and it looked HORRIBLE! Then I decided on Nigou but turned out wolf/kitty like...and finally!! This! My masterpiece :P
Nigou = #2....he looks like Kuroko therefore given the nickname :P

Generation of Miracles
Yeahhh, I based off their names and hair colour :3 Sooooo creative right? :P

Anyway that is my nail art of the month...can you even call it art?....

Next time I am hoping to do a Magi inspired nail art. What do you think?


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