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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Makeup Testing: Judal and Aladdin Inspired Looks

One night I was lying in bed and thought "ummm...I wanna do a Magi inspired look" so next day, I tried it out. This is not the final look, it is more like a trial run. Either way I had fun and put effort into it.


I know in the anime the colour on Judal's lids are dark purple but I really got inspired by the second picture of this post. I find the hint of red/magenta really terrifiying. Since I am not blessed with eye shape like Judal (I mean who really is) plus I am not pro enough to go crazy with the makeup and make my eyes look like that so I just went with a simpler look. No, trust me I tried hard trying to make that eye shape but boy was it ugly! OTL Fail. Actually I'll show you. XD
That was my original look for Judal but it was a little more dramatic. And really that eyelining skill was crap. DON'T LOOK. OH GOD. As you can tell the colour of this one was more accurate to Judal's  but the eye shape is still not perfect. I'll give it another try when I get better? :P
Oh maybe I should add a bit of gold next time...

Same goes with my baby Aladdin. Clearly he doesn't have any colour on his lids nor does he have human looking eyes (I mean look at those cute, big, puppy eyes :3). But since he is blue-ish, duh Ashley, I did blue. Wow creative eh? Unlike Judal's look, this is more innocent look with less eyeliner and a coat of mascara. 

It won't be an Ashley post without a derp picture :P


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