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Sunday 12 April 2015

Two Months Later: Jerome Russell Punky Colour Update

So it has been 2 months since I dyed my hair with Punky Colour Midnight Blue and Atlantic Blue. I want to give a quick update.

I dyed my hair ~ Feb 15 and now 2 months later without any touch up and only 1 week of colour safe shampoo (lol I ran out so I had to use regular shampoo for 7 weeks lol).

I couldn't believe my hair is still soooooooo vibrant!! The below image is with flash but it really looks like this without flash. Actually people at my workplace said to me "Wow, Ashley, that green is really staying in eh?" ////////////

Since I dyed it with two different shades, I want to show you how differently the faded.

You can definitely tell how Atlantic Blue faded dramatically. It became a dead, dry grass shade (ew) while Midnight Blue = VIBRANT.

The ends and the roots faded the most in 2 months.

The roots faded a lot and I believe it was even with Midnight Blue
 Here are some more photos for you to see

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