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Sunday 1 March 2015

Review: Punky Colour by Jerome Russell Hair Dye (Image Heavy)

I've wanted to dye my hair a funky colour for almost a year. I didn't really go through with it until 2 months ago. I did a lot of research but I couldn't get myself to do it due to my job. But after my friend Zoe recommended me Punky Colour, I decided yolo, let's do it!

I originally wanted Howl's hair colour

I knew that you have to get almost white hair to achieve blue but I thought even if fail, it would hopefully turn Alpine Green (as you can tell below, I actually want Alpine Green too since I also bought the dye for it) . So this is my adventure.

Punky colour from MatandMax.com

I bought my bleach and developer at Sally's


After bleaching twice, my hair was still very orange! I decided that I will just go dye my hair after 2 processes. LOL I didn't want to go to work with orange hair for 2 weeks or something. I knew I probably couldn't get Howl blue but I was hoping anyway. This is what I love about dying my own hair. You kind of never know what the outcome and this thrill makes me never want to go to a salon ahahaha. #weird

Punky Colour Midnight Blue
 Compared to Directions hair dye, Punky Colour felt more waxy and "bouncy". I don't know how to describe the difference very well but it felt like Jell-O, where you push and it will bounce back. Directions hair dye wasn't like that.

I only shown the midnight blue here but I actually used 1 tub of Midnight Blue and 1 tub of Atlantic Blue. I'm sad since I didn't take picture of the Atlantic Blue. The midnight blue looked black in the tub but the Atlantic Blue in the tub was actually:

I did a strand test for 20 mins and it turned blue so I just put it in for 30 mins just in case.

The hair dye didn't stain my tub at all!!!! Such a wonderful surprise!! I forgot a close up but seriously didn't stain at all! Below is my tub after Directions hair dye.
Such staining after Directions hair dye.

I rinsed my hair with gloves on but the final shampooing was without gloves. It didn't stain at all! I actually had to zoom in to see the stain! I was so surprised! Below was my hand after using Directions hair dye.
My hand after washing shampooing Directions hair dye.

Right after dying, and shampoo + conditioning.

Right after showering and towel drying my hair. In the bathroom, it is almost black.

Taken from my phone. The hair looks dark blue with hints of green at the tips

With my DSLR and in certain lighting, this is what I got.

3 days later, right before I first washed my hair.
Once again, depending on the lighting, it looked very blue.
In my living room. ;3; Such a pretty blue.
DSLR version. It is such a rich alpine green.

You can tell that I didn't really dye it evenly. My top layer was even but underneath, it was patchy but I don't really mind.

I put coconut oil in my hair for a few hours so it looks suuupperrrr greasy.

The underlayer at the back was the worst since I couldn't see ;P

2 weeks after my first dying, aka 4 washes later.

The top layer started to fade to more green as the blue left.

GOSH the underlayer looks horrible!! Thank god it is covered.

Then I decided to put on makeup....

I find it funny how the hair looks a little bit different depending on my flash and the lighting.

My roots and ends of my hair started to fade to more of a yellow-green.

The colours are still uniform in the front :P

The roots and ends are clearly different in this shot. 

Below are ones taken without flash, still very vibrant!

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