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Friday 27 December 2013

Review: [Klairs] Illuminating supple blemish cream from WishTrend


I am finally reviewing this product!! ;O; After a mixed up at the postal office (Worker: "you've already picked up your  item". Me: "What?!"), I got the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream in my hands last week! Woot woot. WishTrend kindly provided this product for me to review and I can tell you right off the bat that this is my new favourite BB cream! I've tried 2 others before (I'll write the name of them later), but this is definitely the best. Let's start!

Here's some information WishTrend said about this BB Cream:

For dry skin- Offer great Hydration with the best moisture ingredient Hyaluronic Acid For sensitive skin- Brings soothing effect with calming component such as Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice For aging skin – Great wrinkle improvement with highly concentrate moisture formula For trouble skin- Does not worsen the trouble spots with low irritant ingredients and skin-friendly components. 

Klairs’ Unique smart color system is suitable for any skin type tone. No need to cover up with unhealthy looking artificial color of other BB creams. Sun screen + Primer + Foundation + Finishing Powder = [Klairs] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream! Save your precious time in the morning and finish the base makeup with great BB cream Korean women die for.

The truthful brand, Klairs is eco-friendly cosmetics. Against animal testing, no alcohol, no paraben, no artificial coloring. Low irritation to the skin with safe and great ingredients, especially safe cosmetics for sensitive or trouble type skin.

Pretty cool eh? Was it as promised?

This is what the product looked like when I opened my package. Weeee~

This is a big tube of product. Most foundations are 30mL, this is 40mL.
Ta-da~ If you want a light coverage, this much can cover half a face.

This BB cream is VERY THICK. You just need a little.
What I like about this BB cream is that you can have light coverage all the way to full coverage. Like I said, the BB cream is very thick. It looks liquid but when it touches your face, and you tried to spread it, aha, let's just say it was more like a thick mousse. You just need a small amount. I just dab small dots around my face and use my hands' heat to spread it. This tube will probably last me a while. ^^b

As for the scent of this BB cream, IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOD! Not really a flowery scent, but it is sweet.

As for the colour, it is a bit of the light side, but that's totally fine. It wasn't grey-ish like other BB creams. I've tried Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and Missha M Vita BB Cream and they both gave a ghostly glow.
This photo was taken from the product page but I can say that this is pretty accurate. See next few photos.

Before and After:

This BB cream evened out my horrible skin tone (;v;)b It didn't leave this white cast like some other BB creams I used. (This photo kind of look photoshopped but I promise it is not. The flash really hides my boo boos away. :P)

See how I have this discolouring around my nose? Now you can barely see it!
As for the price $24.99 USD is not within my budget. It is doubled of drugstore foundations' price and is around the same price as high-end foundations. But if you normally buy high-end foundation, I would recommend you try this. All the benefits of this BB cream trump the no-benefits of foundations. You can get Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream on WishTrend now. :D

In general,  

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  1. I will try this if I see it. :3
    You're expanding into a makeup/lifestyle blog, GJ! :D

  2. ;D I actually wanted to start a makeup blog waaay before my book blog (like 6 years ago??). I never did. But I am glad I am now. :3


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