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Thursday 21 November 2013

Music Everyday: Missing You by 2NE1

So I haven't shared any music on this blog in a while. Sorry! But 2NE1 finally came out with a new single! This whole week I've been seeing teasers about it.

I adored this song! They rarely sing slow-ish songs, except for It Hurts. Right from the start with the "ohh"s and "ahh"s, I knew this was good. The beat in the background made this not your typical sad, piano, violin sad song. It just added to the catchy-ness of the song. I personally love how powerful and unique the chorus is! 
I loved the fake snow, feather grungy warehouse look, and how it jumped from that look to geometric, and bold colours.

And gahhh! Can I say that CL looks sooooooo damn great! Sassy, dangerous, and BAD ASS! I expected her to be in like the Korean mafia or something. And the whole almost naked thing....so Rihanna!

But what shocked me the most was Dara's blonde hair, red lips look (from 2:03 of the video). WOW WOW WOW! YG usually makes Dara weird crazy kid or boy-ish clothes. I loveeee how they actually gave Dara a proper look. I also love Dara's other look (see below). AHHHHH Sooo delicate and beautiful!

As for Minzy, she reminded me of Ruby from RWBY

And Park Bom....didn't really look like Park Bom. O_______O I don't know.....

Either way, I loved the song and the video. I want to recreate some of the looks in the video....but I might not....aha....


  1. Help! Lol....I'm looking for what kind of shades those were that cl was wearing in that crazy-awesome black on black on black ensemble....s.o.s!


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