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Friday 9 August 2013

Review: Aqua Wig from 1minishop1

Yay! I first wig review! This one I bought from 1minishop1 on ebay for $9. It is a 60 cm long wig. It took 18 days to get to me.

This was what the shop photo looked like.

And here's the package I got.

Wig + Wig Cap + Instructions


I love it! Though it is quite hard to work the wig since my skin tone is not that great. And I need the perfect lighting to make this wig work on me. I also need to lighten my eyebrow or else it just looked weird. I basically need a little more time in preparation a head to make this wig work but it is worth it. Overall I love how wig have waves and it looks natural in term of the shape and form. Also it is very full, I think it is the fullest of all the wigs I bought! And because my natural is like SHIT ASS CRAZY FULL, this looked more "natural on me despite the color. Yay lots of hair!

The colour looks different in different lighting (duh.)

For under $9, I think it is a good deal. Normally the wig sells at $17 or so.

It is 100% Kanekalon so you can curl it. 

Super silky!!! I have super sensitive skin and this wig doesn't irrtate my skin, yay!

I actually haven't tried heating it. D: I like the waves already. I don't want to ruin it.

It is shinny in flash photography but without flash, it is perfect.
For all my yaoi boyss~
Not so shinnnaayy~ And honey, it looks Kuroko blue ;P

Where did I buy it?

It was free and it took 18 days (including holidays and weekends). Pretty kickass. Too bad the tracking needed more money so I didn't pay for the tracking. (But all other sellers provided tracking for free :\)

Do I like it?
I looooove it!!! Maybe my family doesn't, but I seriously love this wig. It is super fun, full, and fabulous!

Easy to style?
In fact yes! Because it doesn't tangle much (even for a wavy wig).

Doesn't tangle much! :D

In general, I LOVE THIS WIG!
UPDATE: Dec 2013.
After a few wears (3 max), I noticed how easily the hair would fall out and now the cap is visible. >< This is not worth it.

Now camwhore time!

If you have more questions on the wig (since I don't really know how to review wigs), comment below~


  1. Hey I really loved the wig and must admit that it was you who made it look so beautiful. I've been wearing wigs for a very long time and prefer to buy it online from this store of Elevate Styles. Please keep us updated. Love ya :)

  2. Woooo! (don't ask me how I went from tumblr to this)
    I think you'll look great with eyebrows drawn out instead of lightening it. SORT OF like Lily Collins'. :3

    1. So emphasize them? Okie, I'll try next time :3c

    2. But wait, more importantly, HOW DID YOU GET FROM TUMBLR TO HERE!? YOU CRAY.


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