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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Uniqso: My Thought So Far & Lenses that I Want

Okay, before you judge me again but my circle lenses addiction started up again. I've been visiting Uniqso like daily just to "window shop". Sooooo pathetic! What's worst is that they have a huge collection of circle lenses which makes my "trying to quit" process reaaalllyy hard! 

And oh yeah! They have a HUGE sale going on right now!!! Since they are celebrating their 2nd anniversary, EVERYTHING is buy 2 get 1 free right now! Plus you get a chance to win this:

and you get a free upgrade on the case AND free sample AND $1 lens if you buy over $50 AND 15% off for new customers. To make everything that much better, free shipping when you order over $60.

Yup. This is not going to be easy.

Because of this I've been in contact with them asking questions and just bugging them. AND MY GOD. THEIR SERVICE IS LIKE HEAVEN! They are so frickin' nice that I wish every customer service in the world are like them.

I have like gazillion questions and shit and they answer them like in minutes (when they are online), and are always sooooo kind. Like seriously, what do I have to do so you guys can run all the customer services in the world? I just don't even know how to describe how kind they are. I've encountered many horrible customer services in my life and gosh I just can't stand them -___-. Gahhh! This just makes me want to cry because how perfect Uniqso's customer service is! They seriously break my scale of holy epics! I mean they shown me stuff that I didn't know I wanted or looked for.

So far I am debating on these lenses:

Beuberry Lumine 3 Tones Green or Blue
Beuberry Teddy Bear Pink
I.Fairy Ash Violet
I.Fairy Casper Blue
I.Fairy Jewel Violet
I. Fairy Super Cystal Pink
Beuberry Cherry Pink
I.Fairy Tofi Blue
Beuberry Vivid Blue
Barbie Pearl Black
Beuberry Iris Red
Which ones should I pick?

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