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Monday, 27 May 2013

Sponsored Review: GEO Angel Violet (CM-831) Lenses + Review of GeoColouredLenses.com

What the packages came with :D
Hellloo! Time to have another adventure with me! Today, I will be reviewing
GEO Angel Violet (CM-831)

They were kindly sponsored by...
A. They offer FREE international shipping. This is super convenient, no matter how many pairs you buy, it is free regular shipping and it is INTERNATIONAL! Woot!

B. There are many circle lens brands in the market now but GEO is the only USA FDA approved circle lens brand, for that reason GEO is a super reliable Korean circle lens brand. All of the site's lenses are genuine. So for a first timer to circle lenses, I highly recommend GEO branded lenses. :)

C. Most of the site's circle lens models are available with corrective power. *push up glasses* Perfect for a glasses girl like me. :) *throw glasses away*

Psstt...also, Geo Coloured Lenses are on FacebookInstagram (username @geolens), Tumblr and Pinterest. Go and stalk them~

Shall we begin? ;)
What the model/website looked like.

Geo Angel Series
Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

Comparison of the foam each company used. Either way, both packages arrived safely.

The package came with a card and basic circle lenses info.

This is what the lenses looked like without makeup. Still very natural.

A close-up. I really like the pattern. :)
As you can tell, it is not very vibrant. Out of all the pictures, this picture most resembles what the lenses look like in real life. My eyes looked a bit red that's because I have been trying different lenses out for a few hours. In out in out >w< Oh boy.
Forgot the label this one but this is INDOOR LIGHT + FLASH.

I asked for the most vibrant violet lenses (with my powers) and Flora kindly send me these. I do have to say, these were a let down. Below you can see how these lenses look vibrant in flash photography or in perfect lighting. But their true vibrancy in real life is most similar to my "Just Indoor Lighting" picture.

But with that said, these lenses looked natural. So if you are going for a pair of lenses that gave a hint of violet, these lenses will be great!
These lenses will look vibrant in photos with flash and extreme/perfect lighting.

Oh boy! These babies are SUPER comfortable! They are easy to put on (even for a circle lenses noob like me). They don't feel like anything in my eyes. And maybe it is my imagination but these lenses felt thinner than my Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Grey. Also, these lenses were my first pair of lenses that I wore for out shopping. I was out about 7 hours and they didn't feel dry AT ALL! No eye drops needed! I was so amazed because I panic before I left home since I didn't have eye drops...but I risked it anyway. ;P #rebel These lenses didn't give me any discomfort! And yes in my previous picture, I looked like I had red eyes, but even after my shopping trip, I didn't have blood shot eyes. Really, the previous picture with my crazy eyes were due to me trying to put lenses in and out. I jab myself a lot...OTL. I swear! These lenses are reallly comfy! Sweet awesomeness~
EDIT ON OCT 8, 2013. I wore these lenses again and gosh I don't know why but they are super uncomfortable. Even after blink and stuff I just felt them scratching at my eyes after 4-5 hours. I cleaned them properly and stuff and I don't have any problem with my other lenses. These just became super uncomfy.
Since these lenses are only 14.2mm, on the smaller size of circle lenses, the enlargement is not crazy. But they are easier to put in. :) As you can tell below, it did enlarge my tiny eyes but it is super natural. The thick outer ring helped give it more of a dolly look instead of complete natural look.
Naked eye versus GEO Angel Violet
Left: EOS Dolly Eye Brown, Right: GEO Angel Violet. Both the same diameter, 14.2mm. The bigger pupil hole also helps the illusion of bigger dolly eyes.

I really enjoy the design. It has a big pupil hole which I loved. It has a thick outer ring that made my eyes pretty cool looking ;P But what I liked most about the design is the petal like shapes that appear (see "Naked eye versus GEO Angel Violet" pic above). See the petal shape? It is pretty cool eh? Now a close up look of the lenses.


If you liked the GEO Angel series, go check them out here.
If you liked GEO Angel Violet, you can check it out here.

Review of
It look 2 weeks + 4 days (including weekends). It was bang on with the date. It took 4 days after Flora told me they send the lenses for Canada Post to tell me the package is en route to Canada.

Ease of Ordering
N/A. I personally didn't order them.

Customer Service
SUPERB! Even with them across the world (aka having a 12 hours or so time difference), Flora replied every day AND when we are both online, she replied instantly! :D Flora was super helpful with everything. I really wasn't afraid to ask questions because they were super friendly and helpful! I'm not done yet, I ran into some issues (which is my fault), they solved it very timely and professionally! Super awesome! *BIG SUPER HUG!*
2 bonus stars for helping me! Seriously, I love the people behind this company. I am not even trying to suck up or something! And they didn't force me to say this!

Being a GEO only website, the selection is fairly big and complete. But that said, it did felt limiting. So if you are someone who doesn't like the overwhelming number of lenses, Geocolouredlenses.com is the way to go. 

So overall, Geocolouredlenses.com
They made me a super happy girl! :D

Since I noticed that the more pictures a review had, the more helpful it was to the readers so more pictures!

It won't be an Ashley post without a DERP FACE!!! DEEERRPPP~

Look out for a Bookies Got Style post next month on FireStarBooks. These lenses will be featured. Stay tune! :)


  1. You are so beautiful with or without make up :) This article really help me out. I just made my order for geo angel! Thanks

  2. Ahhhhh thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad I can help. :)


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