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Friday, 31 May 2013

New Haircut for the Heat

Hi~ Some of you might know that I am going back to China for a month or so. And know China, it is effin' hot definitely not like Canada. And being blessed with a lion's mane, I knew I needed to do something or else I will die of the heat and humidity.

So I got a hair cut.
The BEFORE on a "flat" hair day. It was waist length (kind of got cut off in the picture). And  God help me with the crazy webcam quality photo.
The AFTER without styling
The AFTER with styling! It is much shorter, a little longer than shoulder length and a bit thinner,
 Overall I am happy with the change. Sure I am having trouble doing some hairstyles with the shorter hair but still. I hope I won't die of LE HEAT ET HUMIDITY!!!!


  1. Your hair looks awesome! I think my hair is about the length of your hair now. I WANT it to be waist length, but every time it gets close I chop it up. haha

  2. Thankks! :D We should be hair buddies :3 It takes soooooo long for my hair to grow so I don't think I'll have the patience to grow it waist length again.


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