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Sunday 7 April 2013

Update? I guess?

Wow I noticed that I haven't blogged since last year. Well, that's because nothing really happened. My life is the same old, same old. School is boring and hard but since my first year is coming to an end, I will definitely keep updating this blog more often. So expect more posts in the coming months!~

And yeah, I did purchase my first circle lenses.......don't laugh :3 (you know who you are ;3). I can't wait for them to arrive! I already bought the contact solution. >3< Yeah I am too excited.
I bought the grey ones since my sister said it was the most natural.

Costco was having a sale so I bought 1020mL worth of ReNu Fresh for around $13.

And oh! Have you noticed the new blog design? It is more girly then the last one. I don't know I just found the last one a little too dark for me. What do you think? Yeah...I am converting this blog into more of a beauty/life blog. Since my life is too boring it can't really sustain a blog. xD

PS: My chem TA is cooler than yours! :3

My friend told me about http://www.icongenerators.net/square.html so I made a little head thingy. It doesn't look like me but it was fun to make. You should make one too! :D

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