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Monday, 3 December 2012

Evacuation Calculus

So begins another great week, the week before finals start. After biology, there was calculus. No big deal, right? I mean I haven't done any homework since midterm #1. 5 minutes in, we are doing integration of  e^xcosx, we smelled something weird.

Was it fire?
Was it gas?

And the new professor was kind of confused. He started telling us the story of his first experience with Canadian heaters. So that was a cute, awkward story.
After a while (ie 20 seconds max), all of us (ie my friends and I who were in the front, and near the vents) couldn't really take the smell. And of course, being the paranoid me, I freaked a little (in my head). I was thinking of Resident Evil where there is virus coming out of the vent and us turning into zombies or some other scary, science fiction crazies. But in my mind I knew it was probably just the heater. Just like in Huntsman (do you remember Sarah?), we cranked up the heater to warm ourselves and then this smoky smell came out. Yeah, so it was probably the heater. But I do have to mention how it kind of smelled like a gas leak. <--this may be due to my mind trying to create a more interesting story during this whole incident.

Anyway, our prof was awkward, and said somewhat along the line of: "um...maybe I should go outside and get someone." Of course I had an image in my mind: a room full of students pounding at the locked door, screaming, crying, suffocating. 

After he left (which was about 2 minutes), he came back saying: "umm...I guess you guys should leave."

I started panicking. Okay, pencil case. Oh god, get in pens! Zipper open, notebook in bag. No problem. Literally I bolted out of the room. From front to back in less than 2 seconds.

After we "evacuated", we stood outside the room door (not any safer if it was actually dangerous). The room was HOT. Gosh, the amount of body heat. And oh thanks, today is the hottest day in the month.

We stood there for a good 30 minutes and was eventually dismissed. Fun class eh? Good thing the stuff we were about to learn was not going to be on the finals. Phew!

So that was "Evacuation Calculus", not the most interesting story, but a story to say the least.

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  1. haha I like it, at least you didn't have to do the lab? Did they figure out what it was?

    1. LOL thank god the lesson wasn't THAT important ;P ummm...I do think it was a small fire...but not really sure.


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