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Saturday 11 January 2014

Special: Before and After Makeup featuring I.Fairy Tofi Grey from Uniqso

The lovely Uniqso decided to sponsor me in a Before and After Makeup post with circle lenses. I was so pleased. I chose I.Fairy Tofi Grey because I had really wanted to try out the I.Fairy Tofi series and I was in need of a pair grey lenses. This was my "back up" lenses for my Mikasa Ackerman cosplay. If you seen my Typon Grey/Gray review, you will see that I wanted to try that one for my Mikasa cos as well.

Before I go into the whole lens review (which will come tomorrow). I want to mention why I like makeup and why I do it. And I'll stop you right there. Before I start, I will say that I am not satisfied with my no makeup look and please don't say "but you are so pretty" types of comment. You have to admit that I look better with makeup right? Unless you think my makeup skills suck. Aha ._______. But I'm sure most of you feel the same about makeup, how they make you feel prettier. And it isn't like I am not confident about my no makeup look. I know I am not pretty, but I can live with it. I don't wear makeup at all. Like seriously, I have to wake up at 6:30 most mornings, I really don't have the energy for makeup. Sleep > Makeup.

So now I will explain why I wear makeup.
  • 1st: I personally find that I look prettier with it. LOL
  • 2nd: I do have more confidence when I have makeup on.
  • 3rd: Some situations need me to put on at least a bit of makeup ie: ceremonies, meetings, lol and posts like this.
  • 4th: For cosplay. LOLOLOL I love how you can just transform into a cute, dolly character and then a sexy, seductive character.

Changes I notice after I wear makeup.
Well.....my features are more defined. There are 2 main things that I notice when I finish applying makeup (other than the whole confidence thing).
  • The first thing I notice is my eyes. Being an Asian, I have reaallyyy small eyes. And with even that, I seem to fall into the Asian category of small eyes. Compared to my sister, I have dramatically smaller eyes. /weeps And god, before this blows up into a race thing with OMG WHY DO ASIANS WANT BIGGER EYES. Just stop. I like bigger eyes because I personally like it so just stop. This isn't me wanting to be more Caucasian. And if you notice from the Before and After picture, the brown part of my eyes is small. Once again, my sister's is bigger. With circle lenses, this "problem" seem to disappear. So yeah, with makeup and especially circle lenses, I can make my eyes more define. (Aha, my online spelling and grammar check wants me to change "define" to "divine" which is actually accurate.)
  • The second thing I notice is my nose. My nose is big in respect of my face. Plus, I have a super low nose bridge. I can only wear glasses those nose pad thingies because without it, the glasses will slide down my nose because there's no surface to hold on to. LOLOL /sobs With contouring I can fake the high nose bridge.

These two major changes I notice make me feel prettier. So tell me, what makes you feel pretty? Do you wear makeup? If so, why?
Remember, you can enter AWA10 at checkout to enjoy 10% discount. ^^ Always awesome.

And a bit of preview for tomorrow's post~

Edit: You can see my I.Fairy Tofi Grey review here.


  1. Never underestimate the power of lenses and makeup!
    ilyour wig :3


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