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Sunday 12 January 2014

Circle Lens Review: I.Fairy Tofi Grey/Gray from Uniqso + Mikasa Costest

The lovely Uniqso decided to sponsor me in a Before and After Makeup post with circle lenses. I was so pleased. I chose I.Fairy Tofi Grey because I had really wanted to try out the I.Fairy Tofi series and I was in need of a pair grey lenses. This was my "back up" lenses for my Mikasa Ackerman cosplay. If you seen my Typon Grey/Gray review, you will see that I wanted to try that one for my Mikasa cos as well. You can see my special post on my Before and After Makeup. This is just the review of the lenses.
The website's picture of what I.Fairy Tofi Grey should look like.
Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (small)
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content55%


  • These lenses are visible in indoor light. They are definitely not as bright as the EOS Dolly Eye series, but these give a visible vibrancy that you can see from steps away.
  • They won't scare away people if you wear them :P and they give a good amount of colour that looks realistic.
  • In flash photography, they are like diamonds! So good for cosplay :)

Flash with Lamp Light

These are very comfortable. I didn't have any discomfort with them. I wore them for 6 hours and had to go to bed. :P But in that 6 hours, I didn't have any pain.

  • They aren't as dolly as  Typon Grey/Gray which is because of the thinner limbus ring. But they do have a larger surface area of gray compared to  Typon Grey/Gray.
  • As you can tell, FLOWERSSS!! Up close (and when you are looking for it), you will see this pattern. But that's okay if people miss it in real life. They do come off well in photography.
  • In the end, the design is pretty, but not shockingly beautiful.

  • You can see in my Before and After photo, the enlargement is pretty big.
  • They are 16.2mm in diameter but I don't feel like they enlarged THAT big. Once again, I think it is due to the limbus ring.
  • Big but doesn't feel 16.2mm big. You know what I mean?

Order placed on Dec 5th.
Shipped on Dec 10th.
Package arrived Dec 31st.

Yes, I have a Blackberry phone. lol

Annnddd~ What's the point of planning these lenses for Mikasa if I don't test them out. So I tried my best to costest Mikasa. Please excuse my horrible cosplaying skills.

Never forget, I am a derp.

I have about 100 more photos with this. LOL It would be super stupid to put them all on here. So follow my Facebook Page, and World Cosplay for more photos.

But I'm sure most of you feel the same about makeup, how they make you feel prettier. It is easier to enhance eyes with circle lenses and makeup. Do not forget that the beauty secret of Ulzaang and gyrau is also the circle lenses.


  1. Woah these are gorgeous and vibrant! Definitely great for cosplay! :D

    My cosplay buddy has the Gold ones and they look awesome too - you can find her review here if interested: http://hasakitsuki.blogspot.com/2014/08/lens-review-ifairy-tofi-gold.html

    I really want to try the I.Fairy Blue now... xD


  2. Omg thank you~ I wish I could have all of the colours. <3 They are very pretty!


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