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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Circle Lenses Review: Fireworks Ver 3 Blue from Beauty Lenses

Hi hi! I’m back with another review. I took the photos back in Sept but never got time to write a review. Beauty Lenses provided the lenses. Thank you sooo much! And I am so very sorry that this took months to get up. Anyway, let’s start. I chose Fireworks Ver 3 Blue because of the design. Just look at it! On the website, the lenses are shown with a “firework” design. I was really curious.

Brand: Beauty Lenses - Fireworks Ver.3
Manufacturer: Dueba Contact Lens

Material: Soft hydrogel (Poly HEMA), saline.

Moisture Content: 38 ~ 42% Water

Diameter: 15mm

Base Curve: 9.0

Disposable:  up to 1 Year (depends on frequency of use & care). 
Country of origin: South Korea.

From the images on the website, I thought they would be fairly blue and green but in real life, the lenses are almost black. It is a little disappointing. So I think if you are looking for a natural looking lenses with a bit of a kick, this would be pretty great. J However, this isn’t really what I am looking for. I already have dark eyes and I am not currently looking for this type of look. 2/5

No discomfort J 5/5

Because these lenses are almost “black” and have a 15mm diameter they are very enlarging (not as much as GEO Grang Grang’s 16mm). I think if you are going for the dolly cute look, this will be a fun pair. 4/5

The design is very pretty. Like I said before it is natural because the design can be barely seen from far away yet up real close you can see the ripples. So you don't have to worry about people questioning what’s wrong with your eyes. However, I am crazy (yes I am!). I like funky, odd, crazy things. So this is a little too “comfy” for me. 2/5

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