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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Circle Lens Review: GEO Crystal Pink (aka Vassen/iFairy/GEO Nova Pink WT-B47, Candy Vivi Pink,) from Lens Circle

Today I'll be reviewing my first pink lenses! They are the GEO Crystal Pink (or Vaseen Nova Pink, iFairy Noval Pink, GEO Nova Pink WT-B47, Candy Vivi Pink). These lenses were provided by the lovely Lens Circle. Thank you so much!

Modelled Picture from the website.
Product Info
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm
C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm
Water Content: 38 ~ 42%
Using Cycle: One Year
Power Range: Plano (0.00)
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc

OMG this is the first time that I got a pouch! Soo fluffy and cute!

I love the colour of these lenses! They are opaque with flash and without flash. BUT they are not creepy, Halloween lenses. They have this shiny, crystal (aha hence the name), innocent look to it. It seriously is the perfect colour. It's not dramatic enough to cosplay with but intense enough to be noticed

With Flash
Without Flash

As for the design, it is 2-toned. There is a large pupil hole that shows a lot of the natural eye colour. This might look a bit weird if you have light coloured eyes. From far away, the twirls can't be seen, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

For a 15mm, they were pretty good. But ever since I wore a 16mm lens, I just can't compare others XD

I wore it for more than 10 hours (don't judge xD, I shouldn't wear them for more than 8 hours). They were comfortable. I rarely have problems with circle lenses' comfort so I'm glad this one was fine. One thing though is that sometime if I look to the edge of my vision, it would become blurry. I was kind of confused since the pupil hole is BIG for the lens. Not sure what that's about.

I loooove these lenses! I think I am just amazed at the colour. It turned out super awesome and pretty! I don't know if I would like the other colours in the series but I highly recommend this if you want a cute pink lens.

Time to review Lens Circle!

Ease of Ordering: 

Customer Service:
Super fast, concise, and friendly.

On Time Delivery:
LET ME FANGIRL! I didn't know these lenses were shipped from my country!!! :O When I got it in 2 days, YES 2 DAYS, I was sooo shocked!!! They said it would take 5-8 business days but I got it in 2. I know I shouldn't be shocked since it is from my country but still. Pretty awesome!

Camwhore Time!


  1. You are so cute!! *squish* I love pink lenses a lot. They always can look different :3 I like 16 mm better too but 15 is still good.

  2. I LOVE YOU MOREEEE~~~ <33333 *COLLAPSES* I'm so happy that I found the perfect pink lens :3 <3 and of course I'm even happier that I found you <3 :3c


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