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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

WishTrend's Renewal & Products I Want to Try

Recently I've discovered that www.WishTrend.com. Instead of me blabbering. I'll just post some pictures on WishTrend.

Products that I'm Really Interested in Trying/Buying:

So I have some blackheads and I never really used anything to get rid of them. But seriously, I've been looking and never purchasing any because I was skeptical. >< Now I really want to take care of my skin and I think my blackheads are my biggest problem. I've listed some blackhead remover products on WishTrend.com that look super cool!

Now as for the below product, I want to minimize my pores! >w< I mean, what's the point of getting rid of my blackheads and then having them come back. If I minimize my pores, my chances of getting blackheads will decrease. Plus small pores are better than big pores!

Now as for other masks...I really want to try this trial kit. You get to try a bit of everything :3, how fun is that?

And I don't know if you know but I have realllyyy dry skin! So I hope the next product will help me with that.

As for makeup, I mostly only use eyeliners. So I really like the next product.
And now I'm very into BB and CC creams so I want to try these CC creams and since they are on sale too!

Now I shall stop right here before I name every single product from WishTrend.com. XD What do you guys think? Will you buy from WishTrend? If so, what will you buy?

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