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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Interview Translation: Special Interview Guest Cosplayer 莲夕,YUEGENE FAY,天水

Hi guys! So 2 days ago I saw this video Yuegene posted on her YouTube. It was an interview she did in Tianjin, China. I showed my friends and some of them demanded a translation to the video. This is my first time translating so it is a bit rough and not very good. But I did put effort into it. It took me about 3 hours to translate a 10 minute video....I suck. But anyway, enjoy!

Note: This is my translation of the interview. It is super rough and probably have gazillion typos or even minor translation errors. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I did fully understood the interview, I just sometimes have trouble translating it.


Interviewer: Hello everyone. Today we are honoured to have cosplayers from across Asia here with us: 天水三千, Fay, 莲夕. How about we let them say hello?

莲夕: Hi everyone, I'm莲夕. I'm very happy to able to come to 天津. (Insert shitty loud music XD) I'm glad that I can come to天津again and be apart of such an event. I'm very honoured.

Yuegene: Hello everyone, I'm Yuegene Fay, a cosplayer from Thailand. Chinese fans call me Fay. I'm very happy to be able to come to 天津.

三千: Hi everyone, I'm天水三千. I'm very happy to able to see everyone here.

Interviewer: Now all three cosplayers had introduced themselves. Welcome to (blah blah blah blah whatever this event is call...I really didn't care :P). How do you feel about天津? Anything particular you like? Food?

莲夕: Actually this is my 2nd time coming here. Last time, I was very rushed, but this time with my group (and sponsor? Didn't really catch the words.), we ate a lot of 天津's snacks. I have a pleasant impression of 天津. Not only is天津's food delicious, the people in天津 are very friendly. The event is also very good.

Yuegene: Me too. I like 天津's seafood? (She's saying this as a question because she wants to confirm whether 海鲜is seafood in Chinese. And in the background the others confirm she is correct). Yup, very, very delicious. How about you? (Gives microphone to三千).

三千: As for me, I come from 杭州. I think天津's weather is very good. 杭州 is too hot! 天津 makes me feel cool (in a temperature kind of way) and very comfortable. And the sunlight is very nice too. So my impression of 天津 is a good one. The event is also very big. Compared to all the events I've been to in the past year, this one is quite big. There's a lot of fans. I hope it continues to be even better in the future.

Interviewer: This is the first time that we have Chinese and other Asian cosplayers together at the same place, you guys have become friends and meet each other. Now I'll ask you a question, all three of you must answer. Who's your favourite cosplayer in the whole world? This question is a bit hard. (The interviewer smiles) -Text on screen: Interviewer, your smile is a little mean. Note: I haven't translated all the text on screen from the previous scenes because they are not really significant, if you do want me to translate them, let me know. -

莲夕: Actually there's a lot. Personally, I like Japan's Kaname. I really like him, his cosplays are pretty perfect- don't laugh. (She said "don't laugh" because she saw Yuegene chuckled.) Text on screen: Don't laugh and I will laugh. How about you? Who do you like Yuegene?

Yuegene: I don't have anyone in particular that I like. I like anyone who cosplays well. That's all.

三千: Firstly, this question is kind of unfair. (Yuegene interrupts: Do you like me?)....Do you really want me to say stuff like that here? (Text on screen: Just give up, two pretty girls can't be together. This is intended as a joke, teasing三千.) Umm...well because there are a lot of amazing Chinese cosplayers, to tell you the truth, I like cosplayers who get into character and continue to work hard. I believe those cosplayers are the best. Of course, cosplayers here (listing some cosplayers) get into characters, and that's what I really admire.

Interviewer: How do you decide which characters to cosplay? The ones who are more suitable for you (in in terms of looks and style) or the ones you like? But what if the ones you like doesn't suit yourself/your style, what do you do then?

莲夕: Actually this question is very easy. If you cosplay for yourself, like for yourself to look at, any character is fine. But if we have to show it to the public, we have to consider what's suitable in terms of our image. That's very important.

Yuegene: Pass. (Text on screen: 三千saids: You sure are bold)

三千: PASS. (Chuckles)

Yuegene: Actually, it is because I believe my answer will be similar to theirs.

三千: First, you have to like the character. I will only cosplay characters that I truly like. Then you consider what's suitable. Actually, I really wanna cosplay (some character name that I don't know), I think I'm very suitable to cosplay him, but (another cosplayer) keep on saying that character is too manly for you. (Text on screen: " is right~ Weak girls are more your type". Once again, "attacking"三千's masculinity XD). But I've been working out. Hopefully I can pull it off. (Yuegene chuckles in the background.) (Text on screen: Don't even dream about it! You don't have a chance! (What everyone is thinking)).

Interviewer: (directed at Fay) Your Chinese is getting better and better. Well三千, fans have a nickname for you "3 rings", do you know of it? And what do you three think about the nicknames that fans give you? Let's have三千 answer first.

三千: Firstly, I don't know how the nickname "three ring" came about but I can take a guess. First, maybe because how "" (ring in Chinese, "qun") and "" (thousand in Chinese "qian") sounds alike. Or maybe because when I sign my autograph I always write it as "3000" with 3 rings. Probably why how the nickname came about. As for fans giving us nicknames, I think it is very interesting. Hopefully everyone can give me nicknames that are more masculine. ^^

(Then onto Fay but Fay doesn't understand the question....awwww...so cute! Then they started talking about how some people pronounce Fay's name as "Fiy" which Fay corrects as wrong.)

Text on screen: Fay you are so moe. (Fay saids: actually it is handsome). Note: is not used for the literal meaning here. It is used as the slang "moe" because the pronunciation sounds like "moe".

Yuegene: I'm not really moe, right?....oh (goes back to the topic of nicknames). Chinese fans call me "Fay" but my real cosplay name is "Yuegene Fay". Yuegene is....(tries to explain...三千says: Moon.) Right, moon. But my Chinese fans don't know. Because my birthday is "full moon day" (I'm assuming that she means she's born on a night with a full moon? Correct me if I'm wrong). That's where my cosplayer name come from. (Others: Ahh!) Right, right. But calling me Fay is fine too. I'm actually very happy because it almost seems like it is a very intimate name as if we've known each other for a while. So thank you everyone.

莲夕: Actually I think my name is very hard to create nicknames with. (Fay said something which we can't hear... 莲夕replied with "no, no, no."). Actually, when I first met Fay, because she didn't know a lot of Chinese back then, so she said my name wrong. I'm "Lian Xi". And Fay said "Are you Lian Pi? I found that very cute! (Text on screen: Fay is cute~) Like these little mistakes, I find Fay very adorable. As for nicknames, just call me莲夕. That's all.

Interviewer: We all know that these three are our Cosplay competition's special guests and judges. Do you think holding an event like this in Northern China will impact the cosplays here?

莲夕: Well I think the cosplays here are very good. But I think an event like this, that focuses on manga, anime, cosplay, is very rare. It is a good stage for us. Of course if we have more events like in Northern China, it will better. And I hope天津's cosplayers develop more and more.

Yuegene: I think the Northern cosplayers are very good. They are really dedicated. But they are still quite "immature" therefore I wish them the best. I hope they develop/grow more and more.

三千: First time coming here (because this is the first time 天津 hosted this particular event) , I feel like it is a big event. It is a good experience for Northern cosplayers. We need to have more people join the cosplay community if we want to better it. Hosting an event like this benefits people, society, and everyone's understanding of cosplay. Events like this will help ordinary people accept cosplay. It will also allow parents to realize and understand their child's love for cosplay. That's very important. This always have been my goal as a cosplayer, to let the older generation know that cosplay is actually something full of dreams, imagination, and hard work.

Interviewer: And we hope to use the interest of cosplay to bring happiness(?) to everyone. As for today's interview, it will be coming to an end soon. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

莲夕: I think everyone here likes cosplay and anime. So let's continue our love and attitude for cosplay and develop cosplay. And I wish the best of luck to original Chinese-styled anime, hoping they will develop more and more.

Yuegene: (Says to三千: How about you go first?)

三千: Hey! (directed at Yuegene)...Thank you to all the fans. It is because of your support that us cosplayers can develop, grow and do what we love. And I have something to say to new cosplayers. If you strip cosplay to its core, you will find love, our love for cosplay. Please don't ever forget that. Cosplays that contain love can move people and are full with happiness and it can change you. Please don't forget that. Please put love into cosplay.

Yuegene: Thank you everyone (in this case she said "Chinese" because the event was held in China) who have been very kind and supportive to me. I hope we can cosplay together. Thank you for your support and love. I love you all.

Interviewer: And now it is time to say good bye.

Everyone: Bye.


  1. Is YUEGENE a girl or guy? And FAY is a guy?!

  2. Yeah, Yuegene is a girl and 天水 is a guy. :)


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