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Monday, 16 September 2013

Circle Lenses Review: Dolly Eye Jewel Violet from Uniqso (IMAGE HEAVYY)

Hi guys! I'm very excited to review Dolly Eye Jewel Violet that was sponsored by Uniqso today.

Dolly Eye Jewel Series
Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
Processing Time2-3 working days
Replacement Period12 months
Water Content38%

This is the cutest packaging ever!!! My mom and sister were like "OMG! What's this?! This is sooo cute!"
Ta-da! Goodies!

These lenses are VERY thin. I actually had some trouble putting them on. They would bend and fold and flip. Ahaha, I haven't had this much trouble since my first time trying out contact lenses.
These lenses are very comfortable. I didn't feel them in my eyes at all!
I wore them for more than 8 hours (which you shouldn't do) and I was fine.
Seriously, there was NO discomfort at all.

These lenses aren't very opaque in real life. If you are at a normal talking distance, you will notice something different about my eyes. But if you are farther than that, you might not notice the color change. So if you want a natural look yet with a hint of uniqueness, try these lenses! (Note: they are still WAY brighter than the Geo Angel Violet that I have. Click the link for that review.)
That said these lenses are very bright in photos! Sooo pretty! You can definitely tell that your eyes are bright, shiny, light purple!
In flash. (Sorry it is a bit blurry D:)

In natural light. It almost looks mosaic.
The colors you see here with the lenses is pretty accurate to how the lenses look in real life.
Flash photography. See how bright the lenses are?

The design of the lenses is almost mosaic like (see zoomed in photo above). But as you zoom out, they become "lines". It gives this soft, natural look instead of the crazy, harsh, dolly look.
The design makes it look natural enough that you can wear these lenses without makeup.
The lenses look very natural. There's no thick limbus ring, only a faint gray dashed line.
I find that they look unique in photos. :D It almost feathers out. I don't know how to explain it.

Being a 15mm lens, I didn't feel that they enlarged THAT much.
Sure it enlarged my eyes but not to the dolly extend.
So these lenses give a very natural enlargement.
LOL I look like I'm glaring at you :3

Will I buy the other colours? Probably not. I like very dolly lenses. >w< But these are definitely good for photos because of their brightness and opaqueness in photography. If you are looking for a bright (almost crazy) real life lenses, these won't be the one for you.

Uniqso Review

Took 3 working days from "order processed" to "shipped"
Took 13 working days to get here. (17 days including weekends).

Ease of Order
Very simple! LOL funny thing actually. I had more trouble ordering as a reviewer....because I was stupid XD.

Customer Service
Super kind!
Fast reply!
If they made an error on their part, they can provide compensations.


Huge! Probably not as large as Pinky Paradise but still enormous! Seriously, you will have trouble cutting down items in your cart. Your wallet will want to cry XD

If you enter the code "AWA10" at checkout you will get 10% off!


Without flash in a bright area.

With flash in a bright area.



  2. Haha I like them and especially the blue wig!

  3. Yeah! You totally should! And you can wait when Uniqso has a sale or something. They always have crazy promotions! :D

  4. Thanks :D LOL I wish the blue wig matched my skin tone a bit more. It is always a lot of work t get myself prepared for the wig XD

  5. I'll pay attention to that! =] Really luved these lenses! {And I am thinking of fying my hair purple again hehehe}

  6. OHHHH!!! Purple hair with awesome lenses! Can you imagine with gold lenses?! It will contrast so well!

  7. Gold lenses are a good idea!!! :) I need to have some S2 Do they ship worldwide? If so, is shipping expensive? (reminding you I'm poor hahaha :P)

  8. They ship worldwide! You can see the shipping info here: http://www.uniqso.com/shipping-information

  9. whoa wigs all theway! you are pretty and the dolly eyes are loveable muwaahh

  10. Ahahah! I looove wigs :3 I can experiment with different hair colours xD And thank you for stopping by~~ <3

  11. This is Amazing how you can change your appearance with just a wig. Unfortunately; wigs arent acceptable in my country ( Pakistan). If someones find out here that you are wearing a wig; people will not waste a single second assuming " ewww; look at her- pity she; wearing a wig. Must be bald" >_<

  12. That is so sad! D: I feel like every society have their own prejudices, especially when it comes to stuff that are out of the norm >.< It is quite stupid. It is not like we are doing something bad like murdering innocents, we are just expressing ourselves in a non-offensive way. So what I want to wear a wig, I'm just having fun >3< I hate how people just assume that I'm immature when I wear wigs and cosplay etc. Wow, so it is not immature to get drunk, party, and do drugs?! I really hope society changes what they think. And I hope you can wear whatever you want. ;)

  13. We appreciate that you are a big fan of circle lenses. We would like to invite you to join our Facebook circle lens community page and share your experiences wearing circle lenses. :)



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