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Monday 10 June 2013

Sponsored Review: Kimchi Bambi Green + Iszo Circle Lens Review

Hi hi hi! I'm back with another sponsored lens review. This time it is from:
Visit them here!

I'll be reviewing: Kimchi Bambi Green (Vassen Bambi Queen)!
Thanks Iszo soooo very much for the lenses!

Super cute packaging! (The little English error is cute too, you can't really see it in this pic) :P
The lenses on the model/site.
Kimchi Bambi Series
Diameter: 16.2mm (Though it says 16.0mm on the bottle I recieved.
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Center Thickness: 0.04mm
Water Content: 55%
Lens' Life Time: 1 yr.

Wrapping it came it, thin but it works :P

Cute flip lens case, it is the first flip ones I have seen, CUTE!
Direct Window Light

Bathroom with Flash
Bathroom (this is the most accurate outcome in real life)
Flash Only

I wore them out twice, once for a meeting and once for shopping. Both times it took around 3 hours. Theses lenses did dry out. I don't know if it is the hot weather or not but they did started to notice the lenses in my eyes. It didn't "irritate" nor did it hurt but they didn't disappear in my eyes. But I did wear them indoors for around 6 hours and they were okay.

LOOOVE! These lenses are not like EOS Dolly series where it is super vibrant. These lenses were vibrant enough that you could see the different from steps away but not like "HOLY SHIT SHE IS WEARING CIRCLE LENSES". The colour is not a bright green, it was more like a dark forest green from far away but if you are face to face with me, you can see the design better and the colour seems brighter. These lenses are the perfect "natural with a hint of fun".

I love the design! It is not very natural but it is fun. Unlike the GEO Angel series (which I also said it looked "flowery"), these lenses have a very distinct "flower" shape, you can see the petals without looking directly into my eyes. I also adored how it is almost a 3-tone or 2-tone lens. The golden specks near the pupil just gave it that special touch, making the eyes more lively. The thick limbus ring I liked as well. The pupil hole is smaller than I like because it just makes my eyes look a little more scarier. If you are looking for a natural design, these are not it, but for something fun, go for it!

SUPER! Being at 16.00mm I expected it. I didn't realize these were actually 16.00mm because they were super easy to put in! "Let me check the diameter for my review.....HOLY SHIT....16?? Really? Let me double check.....wow." Phew! But seriously, these are enlarging yet easy to put in. It seems like I will be buying more 16.00mm lenses in the future ;) 


Like these lenses? Check them out! Kimchi Bambi Green! :D

Green is not your thing? There are SIX different colours to choose from! I swear I want these lenses in all their colours!

Iszo Circle Lens Review

It took 19 days to get here, 15 working days, 2 days for it to be marked as "en route to Canada".

Ease of Order

Customer Service
There was a bit of a confusion, I wished a had more communication. I won't go into the details of the event.

A perfect range for beginners, no joke! They have the popular lenses and all the brands and styles I was looking for! A lot of sites don't carry series I am looking for but Iszo does! THANK YOU!
(because it is not as big but see extra for more "stuff").

Extra: Iszo is not as big as some of the other sites but the layout and design of the site makes it easier for me to select which lens to buy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to go to Iszo and see what the lenses look like on people. They are the first site I go to (seriously). Each lens will have a picture of a zoomed in eye of a model as the thumbnail, this makes it SUPER EASY to decide which lenses to buy instead of clicking into each link and hoping there are model pictures. Super awesome! BONUS 2 stars for ease of use and design of website!


Camwhore Time!!!

This special face goes out to Lynn. <3 :3

Be on the look out for a Bookies Got Style post featuring these lenses in August (sorry, vacation prevents me from posting it anytime sooner).


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