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Tuesday 23 April 2013

First Attempt in Putting on Contacts

So it has began!! My obsession with circle lenses.

The day before I tried these lenses out, my friend tried hers. And you know what, she scared me a bit but ironically that gave me more confidence. She said that it took her 30-45mins to put it on because it was quite hard for first-timers....so I was scared but I was prepared to go the distance, even if I had to stand in front of a mirror for 1 hour.

When I tried to put my lenses on, well I flipped it by accident. So I thought "hmmmm maybe this is the perfect time to check what that YouTube video was talking about, you know about inverted and non-inverted lenses". The sad thing was that it wasn't that obvious how different the inverted and non-inverted lenses looked. So phew that I remember I had flipped mine because I wouldn't have differentiated from the right or wrong.
Honey, it wasn't that obvious.
These little buggers are difficult of work with. They are thin, slide-able and just hard to handle for the first time. A lot of the time my lenses will  not be upright on my index finger (like they will tilt one way and one half side is stuck on my finger - well that's not gonna be easy to insert that into my eye).  Another problem I encountered was that my eyes are small. It was hard for me to pry my eyes open big enough to fit the lenses. One time I didn't pry them open enough and oops my eye lashes blocked entrance (curse you downward pointing Asian lashes!!! >:O).
Haha, one time the lenses even fell off my finger and onto the counter....ummm...time to put that one back into the solution. Oops?

When I did put them on, I felt one side was more comfortable and one side was a bit irritated (probably because that was the lens that fell and I took more time with that eye and pry my eyes open longer...I don't know). There was one watery eye. :'O.

So what did they felt like on.....blurrryyy! It is like breaking into a new pair of glasses (which I have done a gazillion of times), so I get it. It was alright for me to look far away, it wasn't blurry, but when I looked close, it was blurry.

Also sometimes the lens colour came into view of my vision. That means the colour blocked a bit of my pupil. If I looked down it was fine but when I looked straight (and especially right after I blinked), grey will fill my view for a millisecond. I don't know how to fix this but since I won't be wearing my lenses for daily wear purposes, I will be fine. The lenses did irritate my eyes a bit...by that I mean I could feel them not like stinging.

As for the take out? Well I tried two methods and I am still not sure which on I prefer. One is the normal way with the finger pinching (but I have long nails so I don't know if this is the best...). The other is the fingers pushing eyeball method...ahaha yeah that's not the name but here is the video. I think I just need more practice with this method. We will see. :P

Sooooooooo, that concludes what I encountered on my attempt at contacts.

And yes please, if I am doing something wrong, tell me! And if you have any tips, throw them my way! :D

Below is how I looked when I put them on....excuse my horrible faceeee!!! Next time I'll promise to put on makeup so not scare you all with disgusting-ness. An since I took this with my dummy dumb dumb Blackberry the quality is not the best.

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