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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Save with Cosmates + Win $960 with the 10th Anniversary Video Contest

*This post was not sponsored. I was just searching around for some cool clothes.

I'm a big fan of Fanplusfriend's clothes. They are always so beautiful, but quite expensive. T^T  And I spend the weekend procrastinating on homework to search up some lolita clothes. /shots

I noticed that even though FPF'site usually have small sales, they aren't that good. Then I remembered a popular site I used to visit, Cosmates.

I first came upon Cosmates from a Youtuber's channel a few years back. That time I was just curious about them, but now I think I'm obsessed. I've communicated with Cosmates, and they seem super nice and fun. :) I especially love chatting with them on Twitter.

Okay, now I will compare the two stores' prices. They are both in USD.

First, FPF's price.

Official Website's Price: $102.2

Now Cosmates Price:

Cosmates' Price: $87 - $96

That's a $15+ Saving! :D

I also love these below lovelies! They are on sale too!

Link here LOL, someone give me some cash so I can buy this :P

I really love the red for this coat and it is only $76. Link here.

This cute kimono is only $32. Link here.

And this is only $21! Wow! Link here.

These two are only $26 each!

Can you see why I'm obsessed with Cosmates? For under $50 you can buy soooo much! Trust me they have soooo many more deals too!

Oh yeah! Cosmates is about to have a HUGE contest!

The prize is about $1000 USD!!! Find more about it here.

Yeah, so that's it. I just wanted to share this with you guys. :D Tell me if you guys will buy anything from them? Or what are your favourite products on their site?

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