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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Music Everday: Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug by Twisted Fate

So Lynn showed me this on Twitter and I just couldn't help falling in love with everything. The voices, the animation, the story. Especially near the end where it was like a comic. :3 Epic!

Do you know what's my favourite part of this whole song??? Starting from 2:49 an ending at 3:08. GOD! I can't get that part out of my mind. Constant replay I tell ya! It is the gentle, "calm before the storm". There's so much anticipation and tension in that calmness, it is breathtakingly torturous.

My second favourite part is from 3:18. The "deep" singing. It is just so rich and haunting. So unique! And can I say I love the harmony?!

My third favourite part? The rest of the song.

And once again, I wanna praise the animation and the story!!! WONDERFUL! I can't even begin to express my love!

AND WAIT! Lynn found the acapella version which sounds EVEN MORE HAUNTING!!
Check it out here.

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