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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Worst Taobao Agent Ever! Yoybuy Review

Yoybuy reached out to me to ask me to review their service, in exchange will give me $10 off my purchase with them.

They credited me and provided me the response below:

When my coupon didn't work, I contacted them again and I got this response:

Screenshot_2015-06-15-09-16-07.png (1920×1080)
Wait, why didn't you tell me this before?? You let me know after I purchased from you. Double wait, you work for the same company and you didn't know this rule? You had to contact the "technique people"??? WTF??? 

When I did pay, it kept on telling me I still need to pay, then I was told that it was a system error that needed to take "several days":

Screenshot_2015-06-17-21-39-05.png (1080×1920)

Final Verdict:

Expect multiple obstacles, shitty customer service. Therefore my suggestion, AVOID AT ALL COST.

Update: When I tried to post my review on their Facebook page, they deleted it! Don't trust them!

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