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Sunday 3 November 2013

Review: [LASSIE'EL] Yogurt Massage Mask from Wish Trend

Hi all! Today I'll be reviewing...
from Wish Trend. The whole package only costs $8.99 USD and it includes all these:

So you thought I had great skin eh?.......


Time to applyyy~~
This post is a jackpot for those who want to blackmail me XD the amount of bare face ugliness is through the roof but whatever :3
The mask on my face. As you can tell from the white blob on my forehead, that's the mask directly on my face without spreading. Then the rest of my face is after spreading. >.< If that wasn't clear enough.

15 - 20 Minutes Later...

Smells Like: 
吸吸果冻, super nostalgic!

Feels Like:
Yougurt....duh with beads.
It stung a bit for the first 5 minutes only on my first try. This was because my face was very dry. It did not stung at all when I put it on the second, third....(and so on) time around.
LOL, I wasn't like this, but you get the point.

Like I said, $8.99. One little tub can last 5-6 uses. :) And having 5 tubs, that is 25-30 uses! That's less that $0.3 per use (mask). I think that is pretty reasonable!

But does it work??
I tried to stay as consistent with the lighting as possible since lighting can literally be "makeup" to your face, it is that important.

It didn't claim to reduce spots or whatnot so I wasn't looking for that. But since the mask did a general, overall nourishment, I did notice that it evened out my skin tone a bit. The masks also soften my skin (SMOOOOTHHH~~), which is exactly what some claimed. ^^ But as for the claim or collagen blah, elasticity....um...I don't know. I don't think any product out there can help with that. So if you want to give your skin a general "treatment", I don't see a big problem using these masks, especially when they cost so little.

I really like these masks! I helped control my skin. I found that I had less breakouts and my skin just felt great. I would definitely repurchase them! ^^

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