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Monday, 2 September 2013

Wig Review: Black Wigs from guoqiangqiang1971

The shop said the wig would have the style of the pictures but in black.

The package!

I bought 2 wigs and it came with 2 free caps.


The wigs didn't look like the picture on the site. It wasn't that long and it didn't look that great. It was 60-70cm at best. (Really, the one I wore in the picture is the long one, the other was shoulder length). But I really won't judge that hard because the price was good.
The wig looked natural on me, being a black wig after, it fitted my skin tone. I will never have this flat of a hairstyle because my hair is THICK so it was nice to see myself in a different hairstyle.
It costed $4 each. I don't have any complaints there even if it didn't look like the wig modelled. And 2 free wig caps!
It said they were 100% Kanekalon, but also felt more plastic-like and more fine. They were better than the wine red wig (which tangled like crap).
Fine but better than the wine-red wig. It doesn't feel silky though.
I haven't tried it because it is already curly. When I do decide heat it, I will inform you all. But seriously for a $4 wig, I doubt it can stand the heat. ><
In flash yes!
Look at that shine! D: But I did have a light near my face cause my room is too dark.
Here too!
But without flash it is not shiny. Phew.
Where did I bought it?
The shipping and tracking were free. It took 21 days (including weekends).
Do I like it?
I like it but don't love it. It is natural so it is very easy to wear it and I don't have to hassle with it.
Easy to style?
So-so. The bangs gave me a HUGE headache. It was just not coming together and after 100000 attempts, and 100000 touch-ups, I got some photos.
Not really. I mean being curly made it easy to tangle but it was manageable. Plus the curls don't have to be so defined or perfect so I just let the tangles be. :P

Would I recommend it?
This $4 wig: yes, the shop: not so much. It just didn't turn out as pictured so I wouldn't want to buy from the store if you are looking for something specific. Trust me, like I said I modelled the longer wig. The other black wig was shoulder length...which was NOT what the store picture showed.


  1. You're making me want to buy wigs, for reasons unknown even to myself. :P
    But yeahhh, thanks for the detailed reviews!

    1. hihihihihihihihi >:3 This is what I do......I infect my readers.

  2. hihihihihihihihi >:3 This is what I do......I infect my readers.


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