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Monday, 19 August 2013

Wig Review: Wine Red Wig from agree518

This is what the shop picture was like.

So a loonngg time ago I made a post about me buying wigs....yeah now finally it is the time to review it. First up is the first wig I bought. It is a dark red wine coloured wig. The seller named it "Oriental Series/Red Misuzu Fashion Dark Red Wine Cosplay Wig 80cm". It costed $13 and came with a wig cap/net.

Ta-da~ What the package looked like.

Ziploc bag :3

The wig and the wig cap. You can see the wig is in a fine net.
The two photos below were from when I first got my wig.

And now! (All the photos were taken in one session...it is just too much of a hassle to do it twice.)

我在做鸡屎怪. (哈哈,这是常德话。 ^^)
I love the look of this wig. The wine colour is somewhat natural looking but it is still exotic. It was easier to work with (look-wise) than the aqua wig. I just had to colour my eyebrow to red which was super easy. Just a simple red liner and all good. XD Unlike the aqua wig where I had to put concealer etc to lighten it.
It cost just under $13, and it normally sells at $17. I think it is an ok price for an 80cm wig but I won't repurchase it. Find out why when you read on.
It said it is 100% Kanekalon, but seriously, it feels different from all my other wigs that are 100% Kanekalon. It feels more plastic like and more fine.
Reaaallyy fine and almost sharp as if you are going to get papercuts from it. ><

You can see on the right side, where the hair is suuuupppeeerrr fine.

I haven't tried it and I like of don't want to. Curling it will just make it more of a hassle.
It is actually fairly matte even in flash. I didn't get big patches of shine or discolouration.
Where did I bought it?
The shipping and tracking were free. It took 13 days (including weekends). Super fast!
Do I like it?
To tell you the truth, not really. It looks great in photos and the colour is fabulous but see my next two points...
Easy to style?
No. Since it is so thin and it is so long, it is super hard to style. I can barely comb it.
THE SUPER DOWNFALL OF THIS WIG!!! IT FUCKING TANGLED LIKE A BITCH! Sorry....yeah...my swearing....*cough* got out of control. But seriously, there's no way I can wear this out or to a con. I'll spend my whole time trying to detangle it. With just the slightest movement, and BAM, it is tangled. My god! Just no! I have to sit there for hours trying to detangle it.

In the end, I wouldn't recommend buying this.

And as always, camwhore time!

With a bit of contrast, the colour looks every rich. :D

I'm sleeeeppyyy~
With a more yellow lighting, the colour looks more fiery than wine.



  1. So, what will you do with it now?

    1. Haha, I actually don't know. >< I don't know if I should just keep it for fun or sell it. People probably won't want it xD

  2. Does it get tangled everytime you lie down? o__o

    1. Yeah but it tangles when I'm up and about too. :3


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