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Friday, 16 August 2013

My Wisdom Teeth Adventure So Far

Some of you know I got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. It was an "adventure" to say the least.

The Day of the Operation
1. I really wanted to get the whole thing over with but the doctor was running late (no surprise there). But I really didn't mind because the man was having lunch. I don't want a hungry doctor to perform my surgery. I mean the man has to eat.
2. When the nurse first tried to find my vein for the anesthesia, she didn't have any luck. Am I too fat? O___O She poked around my left arm then switched to the right. Still nothing. Then the doctor decided to wiggle the needle a bit and god, that was unpleasant. D: But thank god it worked because I was asleep a little bit after that.
3. Before the operation the nurse asked me how much I weighted for the anesthesia. I wasn't sure how much I weighed so I guessed...which turned out to be 6-7 pounds more than I actually weighed. But guess what....I woke up in the middle of the operation! Yay?
4. I didn't feel any pain in my mouth when I woke up in the middle of it but I felt the nurses trying to give me more anesthesia. Poke, poke, poke! And I felt the doctor pulling on one of my teeth. I still remembered him saying calmly: "we got one more left." As the result of this, I got jabbed 6 times with the needle.

5. After the operation, I didn't feel drowsy like my friends or my sister. I was very conscious. I remember a lot of things. My sister said when she was finished she didn't remember what the nurses were saying but just knew they were talking to her. But for me I remembered everything.
6. I had such a difficult time swallowing the Advil right after my surgery. I couldn't get it down because I couldn't feel anything. The nurse was so nice and was trying her best to help me. In the end, the pill melted in my mouth before I could swallow it. :P
7. The doctor advised me to not run and just relax at home with the computer and some books. I would've laughed if my mouth wasn't frozen. Seriously, that's what I do every single day. XD

When I just got home, I couldn't close my mouth. Haha, I look drugged but I didn't feel like it.

The Day After
This was me the morning after the surgery. I braided my hair so it became a "barrier" for my head. Because I like to move around when I sleep so I thought having thick braids around my head will prevent me from moving. I also applied lip balm before I slept because my lips were SUPER dried up. >< Haha, it lasted the whole night.

HOLY CHIPMUNK! I can't move my face so I look dazed.
Awwww, why can't I look this cute?

My experience so far...
My left side feels completely normal as if I didn't get the operation done but my right side is sore and more swollen. D: It is uncomfortable and I can't really open my mouth because it hurts a bit.

 As for food....this is what I've been eating.

So what was your wisdom teeth experience like? How did you deal with it? What did you do? Eat?

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