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Monday, 12 August 2013

Music Everyday: Secret Base by ZONE

;_______________; (I'll explain why I am crying). Okay, I first discovered this song with Sia's cover (first video of the post). I fell in LOVE with it. It was so beautiful but I didn't GET the sadness behind it.

Then I was like: "Yeah....better go find the original singer version". So I did. 

Then after few MONTHS,  I decided to browse around on the internet and found 海妖's Chinese cover. I completely fell in love with the song all over again. And oh, this was the ending song for AnoHana (an anime that I've heard of but just didn't attempt to watch).

But the reason why I am crying is that AnoHana......*bawls*
Okay, a post a Facebook finally convinced me to watch AnoHana. It was a post about ghost stories and everyone was like "AnoHana creying!!". Since I am a girl who goes around looking for sad things, I decided to watch the anime. And well shit. I bawled like crap with the first episode.....and the second, and the third.

It is a good anime, but not a great one. Maybe I'll do a review on it....maybe not. But anyway, what did you think of the song? What's your favourite sad song? How about favourite sad shows/anime/manga?


  1. AnoHana was SO SAD. ;A;
    The song was beautiful and incredibly fitting.

    1. *HUUGSSSS* *whips snot on your shirt* I was bawling like crazy....brb crying again.


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