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Monday 20 May 2013

Music Everyday: MY FRIEND ON THE VOICE!!!!

GOSHH!!!! I FORGOT IT WAS MUSIC MONDAY!!!! BUT HEYYYY! Exciting thing to share with you all today! Soooooo, one of my online friend auditioned for The Voice: Kids Thailand. You can totally watch her performance below. May I remind you, SHE IS 13!!!! 13!!!!!! Also, she was sick on the day she was performing. Gosh, she is just so perfect! She is my fujoshi baby! I will be cheering for her! I hope you will too!

I love how she got emotional when the first chair turned. Ahhh! Adorable! Plus, can we say how gorgeous and professional she looked??!! PERF!!!

I am a proud friend right now!
I wish I understood what they said at the end...but Eliza said she will translate it for me later :3 Ahhh! I hope you goes far! FIGHTING!

PS: you can find her Youtube channel here. I'll put some of favourite covers below. :) Enjoy!

But the most accurate gif of me right now is.......

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