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Sunday, 9 September 2012

First Day of University

So today was the first day of university. My sister and I really planned it out. First we would go to our locker and dump of some of our stuff in our bag to our locker but right off the bat, the plan failed. You know why? The locker was locked, and when I meant locked, I am not talking about the lock that we put on but the locker was just locked. So we thought that meant a masterkey had placed the locker as locked (since the closing time was from 11pm to 7am). But wait, it was already 8am. Then we thought maybe the people forgot to open it since it was the first day. (But if you read my later day experience, you will know the truth about the locker).  So that wasn't the best start to our first day of university. But I have to say that we had it lucky in terms of schedule. We only had one class that first day and it was the first class of the day so basically my class ended right after 10 am. WOOT free time! So what happened after the locker incident? Well, we went to class of course!

My sister and I arrived a good half hour early to the auditorium, and there were 3 people already waiting there...first year fear? Be punctual right? Haha, my
reason to arrive early was that my sister and I are TOTAL BLINDASSES! Yes, blindasses! So we kind of need to sit in the front, especially for math since it is all on the chalkboard *start squinting now blindasses!*. Okay enough talk about blindasses for now, I shall dive into more blindasses talk later.
So the students that were there early kind of exchange phone numbers, yay new friends? :) Starting off university in the right direction! While we were doing that, I was kind of texting my friend (who was on the bus and thought she would be late). Yeah, the stress level was high...remember first year fear?

Blah, blah, blah, then one of my other friends came, exchanged hellos, and blah. <---I wish this part can be more entertaining but really, it was like a normal conversation of saying how we are tired and bored (and also how this building was really hot, like the temperature kind of hot).

Oh, did I mention that the auditorium was locked? Yeah so about now there were like...50 students in this tiny entrance waiting for the doors to be open. And of course there were students who just arrived that don't believe the doors were locked and try to go open the doors, and guess what? The doors were locked.

And look, there came another student who tried to go up front and open the door. And one of the girls in the crowd shouted something along the line of "the doors are locked." And the student just kept going, and he stopped in front of the doors and pulled. And the doors OPENED! O_______O Yeah, guess what? That student was our prof! I was pretty sure that the word "awkward" ran through everyone's mind, including the prof.

So la di la la, the class started, and we took the front seats, and saved a seat for my stressed friend who just made it in time for class...phew~ Oh yeah, front seat for blindasses? Yeah, we still couldn't really see. Nothing really exciting happened except that we basically have an exam coming up in a week and it counts 10%...woot? At first everyone thought that the prof was kidding but yeah, he wasn't. But! Thank goodness that there was a student who asked the date again (perhaps he wasn't paying attention to the prof at first, but thank the lord that he wasn't). And yeah, the date of the exam was not in a week! And everyone laughed and cheered a little, and the prof chuckled too. New prof? Yeah. So in the end the exam is in a week and a half (not great but better). Ding, ding, ding end of the class but the prof didn't realize that so he kind of went on and on...until a student said that the class ended 5 minutes ago. And once again, we all laughed. So that wasn't that bad of a first class experience.

So right after the class, my sister and I met up with some textbook sellers and bought some calculus textbooks and psychology textbooks (may I say they were about 10 pounds each. And remember, no lockers. So basically we dragged ourselves to the bus station and praise Jesus that the bus just happened to come when we arrived at the bus station! Woot! (Yes we were also squinting for the bus number..."Is that our bus?" "Not sure.") And lalala, we took a transfer bus...thank goodness we didn't get lost! And viola! HOME AT LAST!

**Please note, after the textbook exchange, other things happened but due to my short term or long term (whatever you want to call it) loss, I can't seem to remember for the life of me. But everything else is accurate.

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