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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Review: Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Grey/Gray (aka G&G Shinny Aqua Grey/Gray, Royal Vision Macaron Grey/Gray) + thedollyeye.com


I bought these from thedollyeye.com for a little over $16, and that is a really good deal! This was my first time buying circle lenses online so I was unknown of many things but do your research! And ALWAYS consult your doctor first before purchasing!

What the lenses came in. Unlike most online companies, these didn't come in a a cute box, instead it came wrapped in Chinese newspaper (my dad was pretty amused by it). It cut down on the cost and that's why these lenses were cheaper than other stores. I really don't mind what it comes in, the lenses just have to be safe and sound. :)  ....ooh look at the pretty postage stamps :3

Shout out to my sister for lending me her beautiful hand. XD

Beep beep beep. Imma a little chick. So cute :3

Without lenses

This is my first time wearing contacts of any sort and if you read my post about getting them on the first time...ha-ha. They did sting when I put my right one in but that quickly disappeared with a couple of blinks. My right eye was giving me a little problem in the beginning  It also liked to slide when I blink but not the left. So sometime the grey colour will come into view of my right eye. Ummm... :\ As for duration, I never wore them more than 5 hours not because they are not comfortable but because I just never did. I finished watching half of the season of Magi with them and they NEVER dried my eyes! WOW! I can definitely see how you can wear these for 8 hours and never really get tired.

These are 14.5mm so they did enlarge but not to the point where it is scary without makeup or dolly. They look very natural in terms of size. So depends on what you are looking for but these did a decent job.

These lenses look blue in photos but if you are actually outside, you see they are dark grey (as you can see with the last photo of this post). So I mean I am disappointed that it was more blue in photos since I was going for a grey eyed look with Katniss Everdeen (which my post can be found here). But I knew in reviews I read that it will turn out blue sometimes but still disappointed. And I think a lot of grey lenses do somewhat look blue somewhere. They look great in person so it is not a total bust. I do have to say the  colour opaqueness is great! You can see them anywhere (within a reasonable distance of course). They are natural yet opaque! I think a must for first time circle lenses wearer!

One thing I found these lenses "bad" about was that I have no idea if it was inverted or not. The differences between inverted and non-inverted was non existent! It was just frustrating to always guess myself. But I don't know if this is only with this lenses or others so I'll get back to you on this when I try out other lenses.


Now my review of thedollyeye.com.

Ease of Ordering: 
Super easy! If you purchase online before you get it. You have to go through Paypal but you don't need a Paypal, just select pay with credit card and you are good to go!

Customer Service:

Since the time zone difference I only got replied back once a day (even if I reply immediately after the mail arrives at my mailbox...REALLY?! That's not time zone difference's fault). At first they were nice but haha...I kind of bugged them a lot so they just went "I don't care about grammar and I am not even going to greet you oh yeah here is one line I don't care reply". I didn't mind that much but the reason why I am giving a 3 out of 5 is that once a day reply is not enough for me! That is way too slow in the modern world.

On Time Delivery:

From the time it was sent, it took exactly 2 weeks like they promised. From the day I ordered it took 2 weeks and 2 days...exactly what they said...crazy. But I only give 5 stars for those that arrives before the expected day xD OMG I'm so evil.

Do note! If you want to track your order, don't use USPS' website. Yes, the package was sent via USPS, but tracking is done with your country's postal services. I found it out after I received by package as I was ordering from another website.
So if you enter your tracking number on the USPS tracking site it will give you:
Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local Post Office.
And I asked thedollyeye.com what I should do, they say to call my local post office. But actually I can just track on Canadapost.ca. I am not complaining about anything, I just want you guys to know if you are like me who likes to track everything and sit in front of a computer and watch the progress. o_______o *stares*

And since I promised my sister that I only post full pictures of my face with a DERRPPP face, yeah....you only will see derp faces.
What the model looked like
Wow, now that looks green....make up your mind lenses!
Holy light blue.
Okay, I sneaked in one non-derp face. :3 ooops?

You can see my full Katniss Everdeen post HERE. And the bloopers/extras from the Katniss post can be found HERE.

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Also you can see more photos on my World Cosplay account.


  1. Those derp faces are ah-mazing. Work it girl!
    It's actually pretty natural for blue/grey eyes to look different, depending on the light source, and on what you're wearing. My eyes can appear anywhere from green to teal to blue to grey! I think it's kinda like that for brown eyes, except they usually appear to be different shades of brown, rather than different colours.
    Also, we match now! Tell Stella to move aside, we're the real twins now ;)

  2. Wow! These lenses are amazing and suits you very well! I've wanted to see how it looks like on brown/dark brown eyes, and it's incredibly light *o* Thanks so much for this review, it's very useful

  3. YURI <3333 Thank you for stopping by!!!!!!! :D I am sooo happy how bright they are as well. :3 I did soooo much research beforehand and read that this one was opaque. :) I'm super glad that you found it useful!!! It makes me sooo happy! ^x^

  4. Hehehe you're welcome! :3 <3 Well it's a really complete review so it's very useful, I saw other reviews before but it was on light eyes so.. T_T I'm going to buy the Geo Sparkling Blue, I hope they'll be as bright as this pair :D

  5. Ahhh thank you :D I hope I will be able to make more reviews in the future :D lol, yeah I lot of reviews I encountered were on light eyes too. I don't know if it is just me but I like to see A LOT of full face pictures so I get to know what the lenses look like in real life. I guess that's my conclusion from searching up so many circle lenses reviews. I hope I didn't sound camwhore-ish in the post xD I just wanted to be helpful and it is nice to see a reader thinking so. :D And good luck with your pair of lenses!! <33 I can't wait to see it on you. Link me when you try it? :D I am very curious too :P

  6. DERP DERP DERP~~~ >.> I don't know why no model agencies want this cute derp face...it is practically irresistible. ;3 Ohhhh good to know! Then these lenses were a good investment eh? <---trying hard to convince Stella it is. I would love for them to turn teal <3 like joaifjajafijefjcjifoja my favourite colour! :P Pfftt, brown eyes...ahah yeah, you don't get that much of a change. It's like "OH OH IT CHANGED..........shades......";3 and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TWIINNNSS!!! *hip bump Stella away*. People on the street will get soooo confused whether I am Sarah or Ashley...imagine their faces...*chuckles* BUT SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BYY!!! ;D I hope to review more lenses that are different from your eye colour ;) Maybe I'll convince you to get some. <----Too much of daydreaming eh?


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